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Becoming a Digital Distributor

Becoming a Digital Distributor

Adoption of ERP, Mobile, Cloud, and e-Commerce in your digital journey

Distributors face an increasingly complicated challenge of balancing customer needs across a complex supply chain – driving the need to digitalize.  Yet research shows wholesale distribution lagging behind other industries in digital transformation.  Most distributors understand the importance of digital technology – but many overestimate their digital preparedness.  With so much technology available and constantly evolving – it’s critical to realize that the technology that helped grow your business up to this point may not be able to help you progress into the future. 

Based on the 2016 Mint Jutras Enterprise Solution Study with over 500 responses collected from businesses of all sizes across a broad range of industries where participants were asked about the challenges, status and performance of software used to run a business, this report analyzes what it means to become a ‘Digital Distributor’.

•      Digital preparedness and progress in wholesale distributio

•      Cloud, analytics, mobility, and e-Commerce

•       How to measure the effectiveness of your ERP

Regardless of where you stand – or think you stand – in your digital journey, download this white paper as a starting point for analyzing how your choices will impact your business.

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