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Microgrid to Power Eaton Factory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

April 5, 2024
Built in collaboration with Enel, the microgrid deliversthe largest clean energy microgrid in Puerto Rico, generating nearly 10 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy annually.

Eaton is now using a microgrid to power its Arecibo, Puerto Rico, manufacturing facility where it makes circuit breakers used in homes, buildings and industrial applications.

The microgrid system incorporates 5 megawatts (MWac) solar PV, approximately 1.1 MW of battery storage and existing onsite generators. It will generate more than half of the facility’s energy needs to help reduce emissions, offset energy costs and ensure resilience during grid outage events.

The size of the clean energy microgrid system deployed by Eaton and Enel North America is a first in Puerto Rico, substantially reducing the facility’s carbon footprint, boosting energy resilience and bolstering community infrastructure, according to the press release. Eaton also implemented efficiency measures using its intelligent power management technologies to reduce its energy footprint.

The microgrid is designed to withstand Category 5 strength hurricane-force winds and provides added value in normal grid-connected operations by generating renewable energy that can be consumed, stored and delivered back to the local grid to reduce stress on the island’s utility infrastructure. Eaton and Enel North America are initiating construction of a second microgrid at Eaton’s Las Piedras manufacturing facility to further strengthen energy resilience in Puerto Rico.

 Enel North America built, owns and operates the system on behalf of Eaton. Enel North America financed the project under an energy-as-a-service model, shifting Eaton’s investment in the microgrid system from a capital to an operational expense. Eaton provided installation expertise and key technologies for the microgrid system, including its Power Xpert microgrid solutions and leading power distribution equipment. 

 “Communities and businesses everywhere need far more sustainable, resilient and affordable power,” said Mike Yelton, Eaton’s president, Americas Region, Electrical Sector. “The projects at our Arecibo manufacturing facility provide a blueprint on how to put the energy transition to work — delivering important benefits for the community and our business. Together, with our longtime project partner Enel North America, we’re demonstrating the important role microgrids play in creating a robust energy infrastructure prepared to address the impact from climate change.”

The first-of-its-kind clean energy project in Puerto Rico demonstrates Eaton’s Everything as a Grid approach to the energy transition that enables flexible energy systems, supporting more resilient, efficient and affordable power.