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2017 Economic Indicators to Watch - An Electrical Wholesaling Around the Circuit Podcast

Electrical Wholesaling's Jim Lucy and Doug Chandler discuss their picks for the most important 2017 Economic Indicators to watch in this podcast.

Electrical Wholesaling's  Jim Lucy and Doug Chandler discuss their picks for the Top Indicators to Watch for 2017 in this podcast. Listen to the podcast above.

We will be uploading these podcasts to iTunes once we get that process figured out, but we wanted to get this podcast out there to see what you think. 

Please provide feedback on the podcast. We want to make this an easy listening experience for everyone. You can contact Jim at [email protected] or Doug at [email protected], or just leave comments on the page.

And if you like this podcast, be sure to check out our podcast on the Top News Stories of 2016 by clicking here.

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