3M Celebrates Creation of Vinyl Electrical Tape

The 3M Electrical Markets Division's newest promotion takes a look back at the 1940s to recall the company's invention of vinyl electrical tape. Scotch electrical tape, which has evolved over the years to Scotch Super 33+, is 60 years old and is the only vinyl electrical tape still made in the United States.

The celebration includes a sweepstakes drawing. Commemorative packages of Scotch Super 33+ vinyl electrical tape from 3M have a label with a unique code number on the back. By going online and entering the code number, buyers will see if they are immediate winners of vintage prizes: WWII-replica flight jackets, vintage-looking clock radios (with a modern built-in CD player), Zippo 1941-replica lighters, t-shirts, hats, and posters of the campaign art reminiscent of 1940s advertising and featuring illustrations of four beautiful women. Tape with the coded label is available at electrical distributorships.

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