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July 1, 2008
Bulkhead Connection Device USB (2.0) and RJ45 devices are available that mount directly to the panel in a 22mm notched hole alongside standard pilot devices.

Bulkhead Connection Device

USB (2.0) and RJ45 devices are available that mount directly to the panel in a 22mm notched hole alongside standard pilot devices. A cover is included to protect the socket to an environmental rating of IP65. The interface connections offer the user a safe and affordable method of communication. Unlike other communication interfaces mounted inside the panel or in their own separate enclosure, these devices allow connections directly installed on the panel, eliminating the need to mount additional enclosures and saving money.
Moeller /

Lighting Control System

Designed for new construction and retrofit applications, the Vizia+ collection offers a sleek, new look and more programming options to simplify lighting control: The horizontally oriented DIM/BRIGHT Bar and LED Brightness Display is exceptionally intuitive to use with easy push on/off neutral activation. A row of horizontal LEDs shows brightness intensity levels incrementally from left to right. The enlarged push pad makes on/off control easier by extending the push-pad area for the best possible tactile response.
Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc. /

LED Lighting Fixture

Designed with a clean, architectural look, Cylindrix II LED luminaires are precision engineered for optimal thermal and optical performance. State-of-the-art LED 20W cluster provides light output equivalent to 50W to 75W halogen lamps while using one-third the power. Life at 70 percent of initial lumen output is rated at 50,000 hours, which is more than 10 to 15 times longer than halogen. All of this provides for lower operating and maintenance costs for the end-user.

Amerlux Lighting Solutions /

Wiring Blocks

CAT 5e 66 Wiring Blocks are pre-terminated with telco connectors to provide a clear demarcation point between the telephone company and customer-owned equipment. Supporting both voice and CAT 5e data applications, they are designed for the quick installation of cables, telephone systems, PBX systems and other low-voltage telecommunications equipment. Each 66-Wiring Block is pre-terminated and factory tested, saving precious termination time and hours of labor.

Flexible Steel Conduit Connectors

The USL-120 is a flexible steel conduit connector ideal for securing square, locked, flexible metal conduit. The neat, clean design of the USL-20 is a good fit for assemblies including office partitions, showcases, merchandising displays, lighting fixtures, range tops and other appliances. The fitting has a set screw that secures the conduit without damaging the conductors and is UL recognized for use within listed assemblies.
Bridgeport Fittings /

Watertight Landscape Lighting Cable

Q-Wire is a series of flexible, watertight cables that can be used for direct burial applications to power low-voltage landscape lighting. Q-Wire joins Q-Set transformer cassettes and Q-Vault housing as the latest introductions in the all-new Q-Scape family, the first direct power supply system designed and engineered for landscape lighting. It's a flexible, stranded type of cable that can be used effectively for low-voltage indoor and outdoor lighting. Two tinned copper insulated conductors lay parallel within an overall jacket. Easy to install, flexible Q-Wire is UL-listed, watertight, sun-resistant and tin coated so it won't oxidize. Its flexible shape guarantees water tightness when used with Q-Tran's Q-Click compression fittings to prevent water leaks.
Q-Tran /

Wireless Metering Systems

In this metering system, wireless mesh technology allows installation of metering devices without expensive communication cabling. E-Mon's wireless family of products include single- and three-phase meters with built-in wireless transceivers, external modules for interfacing previously installed E-Mon D-Mon meters to a wireless AMR system and an assortment of wireless interface modules for bringing water, gas or other electric socket-type meters into the metering system.
E-Mon /

5,000V Graphical Insulation Tester

AEMC's Model 5070 megohmmeter is a fully automated 5,000V graphical insulation tester. It provides insulation measurements to 10,000ù. Test results include DAR, PI, DD, capacitance and leakage current, as well as programmable temperature correction of resistance readings. The Model 5070 offers the ability to program up to three step voltage profiles (40V to 5,100V), each containing up to five steps. The Model 5070 can be fully programmed and controlled by a personal computer. DataView software offers data storage, analysis and report generation.

Whole-Building Lighting Control

The Square D Powerlink whole-building lighting control system can now be seamlessly integrated into a commercial building automation system with the Building Automation and Control network (BACnet) communication protocol into Powerlink intelligent lighting control panelboards. Incorporation of BACnet into Square D Powerlink panelboards significantly reduces the cost and challenges normally associated with using a lighting control system as part of a comprehensive building automation platform. At the same time, it makes it easier for a building owner or facility manager to access information about all of a building's systems, including lighting, to maximize both energy and cost savings.
Square D /

Tapping Tool

The redesigned Triple Tap threading tool forms new screw threads, cleans out obstructions or retaps burred and stripped threads. Engineered for comfort, safety and maximum productivity, the Triple Tap now features a Santoprene handle that reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Soft yet durable, the textured handle assures a steady, slip-resistant grip even when wet. The Triple Tap has three thread sizes, and each tap size rethreads to the larger size if the thread is stripped.
Ideal Industries /

Glass Pendants

Flava Quick Connect Glass Pendants are offered in red, a black/white syrup-dripped design and an amber fish-scale motif. Pendant hardware is offered in three metal finishes: bronze, chrome and platinum. The pendants use the company's Quick Connect components to mount to its low-voltage Monorail, line-voltage Flexrail, low-voltage and line-voltage tracks and Mono and Multipoints mounting systems. The pendants use a Xenon Bi-Pin 50W lamp, are backed by a five-year warranty and are UL-listed.
WAC Lighting /

Communication Network for Overcurrent Protection Devices

The Cooper InVision System allows customers to share data with existing monitoring and automation systems using Ethernet/IP communication. Quick and easy installation of unique clip-on sensors, wireless mesh routers and the Cooper InVision Gateway will generate fast ROI by monitoring critical circuit activity in any facility. The Cooper InVision Downtime Reduction System is compliance-certified from the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA), and can deliver data on fuse and circuit breaker activity to any device that can receive and process Ethernet/IP communication, such as a PLC. This data can be used for any purpose the customer chooses, such as displaying fault status on an HMI. Ethernet/IP communication works side-by-side with the Cooper InVision Command Center. While data is being delivered to an Ethernet/IP client, the Command Center employs all of its downtime reduction features, including timely notification of open-circuit events via telephone text-to-speech, e-mail, SMS text paging and fax. Historical data and all of the enterprise-level reporting and analysis capabilities of the Command Center are still available with an Ethernet/IP integrated solution.
Cooper Bussmann /

Metal Framing System

The Kindorf Modular Metal Framing System now offers more mounting options for a wider range of applications. The new fittings and post bases are designed with 1½-inch hole spacings for easy, labor-saving modular connections. In addition to an expanded variety of traditional post bases, there are new flush-style post bases to enable close positioning of columns. In keeping with other Kindorf products, the new fittings and post bases are available in a wide variety of finishes, including Galv-Krom, SilverGalv, hot dip galvanized and both 304 and 316 Stainless Steel.
Thomas & Betts /

LED Emergency Light

Diskuss is designed with a slim wall-mount profile and numerous available finishes that will fit any architectural space, indoors and out. Illumination is accomplished with high-output, long-lasting, energy-efficient, white LEDs with a custom reflector for optimum light output. The housing is constructed of durable die-cast aluminum with a polycarbonate lens and is fully gasketed. Diskuss is UL wet location-listed. A 120/277 dual-voltage input with surge protection and Intelli-Charge for self-diagnostics allows Diskuss to serve as an emergency lighting unit with the most reliable charging system available. A maintenance-free, sealed nickel metal-hydride battery offers 90 minutes of emergency power.
Chloride Systems /

Smoke Alarm

Kidde's new Silhouette Smoke Alarm marks the first drastic smoke alarm design change in 40 years. This UL-listed alarm has a sleek low profile and features a sealed, rechargeable battery that lasts the life of the alarm, resulting in fewer callbacks. The Silhouette meets building codes and interconnects with other Kidde devices.
Kidde /

Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

HomeSELECT Tamper-Resistant Receptacles meet the new 2008 National Electrical Code requirement for electrical receptacles that enhance child safety for use in residential dwellings. With the new homeSELECT receptacles, a spring-loaded shutter mechanism allows plugs to enter the outlet but resists access to single-pronged items like keys, hairpins, nails or other foreign objects. NEC Section 406.11 mandates that all 125V 15A and 20A residential receptacles must be listed as tamper-resistant, including duplexes, GFCIs, single receptacles, clock hangers, floor boxes and other specialty products with outlets.
Hubbell Wiring Systems /

Truck Storage Boxes

WEATHER GUARD Hi-Side Truck Boxes provide secure, durable and more-convenient tool storage above the bed of a truck. Available in aluminum and steel, the Hi-Side truck boxes have been specifically designed for extra security and durability with a new three-point latching system that secures each side of the box with a strong seal against theft, vandalism and weather. The Hi-Side boxes' picture frame body design has an extra large opening for maximum utilization of storage space and tool accessibility. Sturdy, adjustable legs allow the box mounting points to be customized for maximum bed space. Full weather stripping and close tolerance door flanges keep rain, sleet, snow and vandals away from the truck box contents. Full-length staked piano hinges on the doors provide maximum durability and rigidity, and aircraft-rated-type cables connect the doors to the full-length reinforcement channel on the truck box body.
Knaack /

Cable Stripper

The Ring-Cut Master CT-255 strips tough cables that utility knives or standard blades often cannot handle. The AC-powered CT-255 can rotary cut external high strength solid steel wire armor on electro-mechanical cables (EM cables) or fiber-optic cables with its diamond abrasive blade. These cables are used in harsh environments such as offshore drilling platforms, submersible equipment (ROV umbilicals) and military applications. The device has a fully adjustable depth of cut, cam-action blade plunging and can ring cut cables up to 0.625-inch in diameter.
Seatek /

Busbar System

This 60-mm Busbar System is UL508-, CSA- and CE-recognized and designed to safely distribute power throughout a panel while conserving valuable panel space. The robust, easy-to-use 60-mm Busbar System provides customers with a more complete solution. The busbars are rigid and modular, and can distribute currents of over 1,600A at 690V. They can be cut to the desired length to adapt to most enclosures, be positioned vertically or horizontally to optimize space, and accommodate wire sizes to 600MCM. They do not require drilling or tapping.
Hoffman /

Voltage Probe

The VP-1 Voltage Probe is a hand-held voltage detector that can be used from 50V up to 21kV AC. For secondary voltages from 50V to 600V, it's used as a direct-contact voltage detector. The probe can also be used as a direct-contact voltage detector on primary voltages from 600V up to 21kV, and as a proximity voltage detector for voltages exceeding 21kV with appropriately rated electrical insulating gloves. The VP-1 gives a flashing red light and beeping indication when voltage is detected.
HD Electric /

Cable Management System

This expanded line of Velcro fasteners designed for cable management now includes bulk rolls, compression straps, soft-cinch polls and bulk-packaged wraps to secure and organize copper and fiber cables in a variety of applications. They safely secure cables without kinking or crimping and facilitate quick moves, adds and changes. All products in the Velcro Brand line are available in black, blue, orange and yellow. Velcro wraps in bulk rolls and tie wraps in three standard lengths are also available with plenum rating indicated by the color maroon.
Leviton Network Solutions/

Underground Connectors

These easy to apply, twist-on connectors are pre-filled with a non-hardening, silicone-based sealant to safeguard wiring from damaging corrosion, moisture or fungus. UL listed to 486D for use in damp/wet locations, both connectors eliminate the need for heat-shrinking conductor splices, using messy resin packs, or installing multi-step corrosion kits. The connectors handle copper wire sizes from #22AWG to #6AWG and feature color-coding to indicate the applicable wire ranges. The shell is rated to 105°F.
Ideal Industries /

Cable Identifier

The PF-50 Cable Identifier identifies the correct phases of de-energized and discharged overhead and underground cables. It consists of a transmitter and receiver designed to be hand-held with or without gloves, or can be mounted and used on hotsticks. Because of its higher test voltage, the PF-50 can test a mile of cable. Super bright red LEDs on both units indicate that the PF-50 units are connected to the same cable.
HD Electric /

Wiring Duct

Narrow Slot Hinged Cover Wiring Duct is designed to route and protect electrical wire or data communications cabling in high-density control panel environments. This standards-compliant solution (NFPA79-2002, IEC-60332-1) features narrow slots to provide optimal alignment with high-density wire termination points for improved wire management and aesthetics. The innovative hinged cover design speeds wiring changes by up to 20 percent. The dual-hinged cover provides convenient channel access, thereby streamlining maintenance and reducing labor costs.
Panduit Corp./

Jumpers for Connectors

WAGO Corp. has extended the pole configurations for the insulated comb-style jumper bars used with the 231 Series Multi Connection System (MCS) MIDI (pin spacing 5mm/5.08mm). In addition to a two-pole configuration, three-, five-, seven- and 10-pole versions have joined the MCS MIDI lineup to provide additional flexibility. The RoHS-compliant MCS MIDI Jumpers also feature an insulated, touch-safe design for safety; on-unit molded markings for easy identification and quick installation; and removable jumper pins for custom configurations and suitability for both a 5 mm and 5.08 mm pitch. Additionally, all versions within the wide range of MCS MIDI Jumpers are readily available from stock.

LED Flashlights

This new line of flashlights includes penlights, pocket flashlights and clip-on flashlights. The LED Penlight Flashlight has a 50-hour battery life to ensure maximum uptime, while the Xenon Pocket Flashlight is resistant to chemicals, water and corrosion, and is submersible to 500 feet. The Recoil LED Grip-It 90° Flashlight provides up to 10,000 hours of lamp life.
Klein Tools /


The 1457 range of enclosures extends the capabilities of the 1455 extruded aluminum family of small enclosures with the addition of IP65 sealed die-cast aluminum end panels, enabling the enclosure to be used in dusty and wet environments. The end panels are available with or without integral flanges that enable the enclosure to be mounted to an external surface. The 1457 Series is designed to house any small electronic, electrical or pneumatic components. They are available with clear anodized or textured black painted finish for good resistance to wear and tear. The IP65 sealing is achieved through the use of o-ring screw seals and closed cell polyethylene sealing gaskets.
Hammond Manufacturing /


These UL-listed polycarbonate enclosures protect control and measuring equipment against dust, water, and corrosion in the harshest operating environments. The small- to medium-size enclosures consist of two unique styles (TK Series and EK Series). Both are rated up to IP65 (NEMA 4X) and their compact designs contribute space-saving benefits. Standard features include gray or tinted transparent covers, a low base and multiple fixing points ideally suited for printed circuit boards, and sidewalls and endwalls supplied smooth or with knockouts. The EK Series will typically house IEC components, such as DIN rail mount circuit breakers, switches, meters and other control devices.
Altech Corp. /

RoHs-compliant Occupancy Sensors

RoHS-compliant occupancy sensors help reduce the amount of hazardous waste that will enter the environment, in addition to achieving energy savings. RoHS is the European Union's (EU) directive on the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment sold in the EU market. It addresses the use of four heavy metals and two flame retardants used in plastics. RoHS compliance requires the design, or redesign, of products and manufacturing processes using components and materials with agreed maximum amounts of these substances. Compliant products help protect the health of workers and facilitate the recycling of products at the end of their life cycles.
WattStopper /

Fiber-Optic Brackets

MicroDuct Bracket secures and organizes MicroDucts to help avoid damage to the fiber optic cable housed inside the premise. The MicroDuct Bracket is a modular system that can be customized and added onto as a network grows. Each bracket securely holds eight MicroDucts, with the first bracket already mounted to the base plate. No special tools are required to mount each MicroDuct Bracket. Dura-Line MicroDuct Brackets are available in 12.7mm or 8.5mm, depending on the specific project application. The MicroDuct Bracket can be used with riser- or plenum-rated MicroDucts.
A-D Technologies /

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