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June 1, 2008
Thermal Imaging Camera The Extech i5 compact IR camera is designed to be an easy-to-use, affordable trouble-shooting tool for high-quality thermal imaging,

Thermal Imaging Camera

The Extech i5 compact IR camera is designed to be an easy-to-use, affordable trouble-shooting tool for high-quality thermal imaging, high accuracy, focus free viewing, with a 5,000 image miniSD card storage. It inspects areas that can't be reached with thermocouples or other contact-based instruments. Users check for overheating in electrical panels and transformers to spot electrical faults and can identify faults in cooling and heating systems and problems with motors, fans and bearings. The Extech i5's QuickReport PC software makes it easy to download standard jpeg thermal images with radiometric data and to document and analyze findings.
Extech Instruments /

Ecological Surge Protector

The Smart Strip surge protector is available in either seven- or 1- outlet models and comes with two or three “Always-On” outlets for use with equipment that should not be turned off, such as fax machines, cordless phones or cable and satellite receivers. The surge protector not only protects electronics from damaging power surges, but will lower electric bills, too. When devices such as computers are plugged into the control outlet and then go into “sleep” mode, the Smart Strip automatically cuts power to peripherals such as monitors, printers and speakers. The Smart Strip will quickly pay for itself in energy savings and then continue to save electricity and money. All electronics draw power even when they are in a sleep mode or turned off. A printer can use up to 30W in sleep mode, which can add up to about $27 a year in energy costs. Other computer peripherals and home entertainment equipment can draw over 50W while standing idle.
Coleman Cable /

Notification System

The Notifier Mass Notification system broadcasts live up-to-the-minute emergency information to everyone in a building, campus or multiple facilities spread across a city, state or even the world to help prevent injuries and save lives. Notifier's comprehensive product and technology offering fits a wide range of facility types and applications, including K-12 schools, high-rises and mass transit hubs, as well as college, university and manufacturing campuses. For smaller, stand-alone facilities that require a simplified mass notification solution, the FireVoice 25/50 is an ideal fit; the Digital Voice Command (DVC) is engineered specifically for larger buildings and campuses, which often require a greater level of flexibility and sophistication.


The Series 24 Serial Control Switch Relay (SCSR) and Serial Lock-Out Relay (SLOR) facilitate remote control monitoring or lock-out of circuit breakers while retaining local control through a manual trip/close handle. As addressable network devices, the SCSR and SLOR combine the functions of multiple devices and provide remote trip-coil monitoring, sequence-of-events reporting, system battery monitoring and self-diagnostic reporting.
Electroswitch /

Hand-Held Load Meter

The AmWatt is a hand-held ammeter/wattmeter for measuring loads on cord-connected tools such as appliances or lighting. Simply plug the cord of the device to be measured into the receptacle on the back of the AmWatt and plug the 26-inch cord end of the AmWatt into a live 120V outlet. A slide switch on the side of the unit allows users to choose amps or watts to appear on the liquid crystal display. The AmWatt will read up to 15A and 1,875W and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories.
Reliance Controls /

Emergency Lighting UPS

This brochure introduces the FirstLine 924 three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) central emergency lighting system for 8kW to 16 kW applications in a new four-page, full-color brochure. The new literature details this on-line, double-conversion central inverter that provides computer-grade power quality for any lighting system, including incandescent, magnetic and electronic fluorescent ballasts, high power-factor compact-fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge, high-pressure sodium and metal-halide lamps. In addition to providing a continuous 90-minute (minimum) power supply during blackouts, the FirstLine 924 isolates and protects the connected load from damaging sags, swells, harmonics, noise and voltage imbalances in the primary AC supply.
Staco Energy /

Wire Stripper

The Xuron Model 501 Wire Cutter and Stripper has a by-pass flush cutter, cushioned handles with a return spring and easily adjusts to eight different wire sizes. The tool is manufactured from alloyed steel and features a full by-pass cutter and thumb-adjustable cam wheel to let users strip eight different wire sizes from 10 AWG to 26 AWG. Replacing the need for several tools, this combination wire cutter and stripper locks shut to pack away into a tool kit, drawer, or pocket. Ergonomically designed to provide optimum leverage and performance, the Xuron Model 501 Wire Cutter and Stripper is cushioned and fits comfortably into large or small hands.
Xuron /

Earth Ground Resistance Tester

The 61-796 Earth Ground Resistance Tester features large easy-to-read graphics on a high-contrast LCD. The 61-796 is lightweight and portable for field use. Using traditional two- or three-pole methods, it allows technicians to quickly determine specific grounding requirements for substations, power stations, lightning rods, remote towers, transformers and switchgear. The 61-796 features microprocessor control for total automation of the testing process, along with auto ranging, automatic recognition of the connection, data hold and low battery indicator. It's safety rated at CAT III-200V and will not trip ground-fault breakers in the circuit under test.
Ideal Industries /

Control Button

The SD-7251GCEX1Q Green Illuminated Mushroom-Cap RTE Button has a 12/24VDC LED that provides up to 50,000 hours of operation. Additional outstanding features include low current drain; a single-gang stainless-steel plate; N.O./N.C. contacts rated at 5A and 125V AC; and “EXIT” and “SALIDA” silk-screened on the plate. The button is just part of a full line of CCTV, RF wireless, security and access control products available for securing the interior and exterior of commercial, industrial, residential and institutional sites.
Seco-larm /

Screw-less HDMI Wallplates

Cheetah USA announces its screw-less HDMI gaming port and wallplate products. The innovation in bringing HDMI and four keystone mount ports into an attractive designer configuration allows simplicity, flexibility and elegance. The Renu HDMI products come with a screw-less wallplate. Type A HDMI 19-pin connector supports all SDTV, EDTV and HDTV modes.
Cheetah USA /

Utility Insulator

The HPI-55-5 insulator is made from a proprietary high-density polyethylene blend that's vandalproof and resistant to cracks, chips and breakage. The lightweight design (1.3 pounds compared to a porcelain insulator weighing in at 6.25 pounds) allows for easier handling and storage. Additionally, all Hendrix polyethylene insulators help prevent glove or lineman cuts and are designed for both bare wire and covered conductors. The insulators offer an alternative solution to porcelain insulators, which are susceptible to vandalism. Impervious to impact damage and breakage, the HPI-55-5 offers longer leakage distance and higher impulse strength. Additionally, every HPI Polyethylene Insulator easily withstands ultraviolet rays and offers greater track resistance due to the proprietary high-density polyethylene material.
Hendrix Wire & Cable /

HDMI Frames

NetSELECT HDMI Frames have a flexible 4-inch tail that minimizes bend radius and allows shallow installs. Aesthetically pleasing with a flush front face, the new HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) frames accept a thumbscrew for securing Hubbell's HDMI cords, eliminating accidental disconnection and reducing call-backs. The resulting connection is robust and is sized to fit within 1-inch NPT conduit. In addition, the new frames' gold-plated construction minimizes contact resistance, while adding high-end aesthetics to their appearance. The frames are available in one- and two-port configurations and in a wide range of colors. These new frames support 1080p resolutions and are ideal for HDTV, home theater and digital signage applications.
Hubbell Wiring Systems /

Ceiling Pendants

These Fused Glass Pendants are part of the company's Metro Fusion Collection. Pictured on the right of the image is the “Marina” fused glass pendant (98207), which comes in amber, beige, smoke, and clear iridescent art glass colors. This bowl-shaped pendant offers a contemporary, organic design with a unique brushstroke pattern and nickel finished hardware. The fixture is 30 inches in diameter, and designed with aircraft cable that can be set 22 inches to 74 inches off the ceiling. On the left of the photo is the “Crinkle” fused glass pendant (98325), a contemporary fixture with a unique, free-formed shape. Integrating art glass colors of black and clear swirled art glass, it's complemented with nickel-finished hardware. The fixture is 26 inches wide and can be set 34 inches to 70 inches from the ceiling.
Meyda Lighting /


This strut has an ultraviolet-stable trivalent Galv-Krom finish for modular Kindorf strut systems and a GoldGalv finish for Superstrut systems. Galv-Krom and GoldGalv electro-galvanized finishes are made with trivalent chromium to meet the latest safety standards set by the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) rules and OSHA. With superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion, Galv-Krom and GoldGalv finishes provide well over twice the protection of Pre-Galvanized G-90. These finishes will not chip or peel as painted struts do, and they eliminate the formation of white rust. Increased protection will not only increase the service life of Kindorf and Superstrut systems, but also increase the versatility of applications for which they can be used.
Thomas & Betts /

Electrically Conductive Epoxy

Extreme A2902 Electrically Conductive Epoxy is a silver-filled electrically conductive epoxy that cures at room temperature, making it ideal for providing jumper wire-like connections and cold soldering between heat-sensitive materials for a wide range of electrical repairs. The two-part epoxy comes in an easy-to-use package. Users simply open the package and apply. Because it cures at room temperature, the unused adhesive cures in the package for easy disposal.
Extreme Adhesives Inc. /

Emergency Lighting Ballast

Bodine's B4CF3 Cold-Pak Extended-Temperature Fluorescent Emergency Ballast for compact lamps offers emergency lighting in cold temperatures and in small spaces. The B4CF3 operates in temperatures ranging from -4° F to +131° F (-20° C to +55° C) and is suitable for damp locations and for sealed and gasketed fixtures. The emergency ballast powers several different types of compact fluorescents for a minimum of 90 minutes in emergency mode and provides up to 1,250 lumens initial light output.
Bodine Electric /


SureCrimp copper compression connectors reduce inventory requirements by accepting multiple conductor classes including fine stranded and building wire. The connectors are UL-listed and CSA-certified when installed with approved tools and dies. Circumferential dies produce strong, long-lasting crimps with a tight crimp profile for greater pull-out strength. The increased contact area reduces resistance and eliminates the potential for flash.

Emergency Lighting

Combining a solid-state LED light engine with a precision engineered optics system, the PG series of emergency lighting fixtures for outdoor and wet locations provides several focused and wide-area illumination patterns, including a one foot-candle minimum 10 foot-by-12 foot illuminated path, and a one foot-candle average 6 foot-by-29 foot illuminated path. These design-optimized emergency lighting patterns are achieved without head aiming or further adjustments. The LED light engine and optics system is arranged in redundant pairs for reliable performance in the unlikely event that any single LED should fail, and offers an electro-polished aluminum reflector with 95 percent minimum reflectivity and an acrylic lens capable of transmitting 92 percent of the available light output.
Dual-Lite /

Controller Bites Into Vampire Power

While many modern electronic devices now have a low-power standby mode, they still draw significant amounts of power unless they are switched off. Many charging units draw power unless they are unplugged. The Watt Stopper/Legrand's Isolé plug load controller shuts off power to “phantom” loads such as sleeping monitors and unused transformers. The plug load controller helps building managers prevent wasted energy from a wide variety of electrical devices in private and modular offices by coupling a personal occupancy sensor with a surge-protected power strip to turn off unneeded devices when a space is vacant, while also protecting expensive equipment. It's promoted as the only occupancy-based plug load controller available.
WattStopper /

Electronic Ballasts

ROVR digital addressable controllable fluorescent lamp ballasts include a new one-lamp model for T5 fluorescent applications as well as one- and two-lamp models to support T8 fluorescent applications. Now offered to complement its previous two-lamp version, Advance's new ROVR ballast for one-lamp, 54W T5 High Output (T5HO) fluorescent applications is ideal for office and warehouse venues, while Advance's new one- and two-lamp fluorescent T8 ballasts support 17W, 25W or 32W fluorescent T8 applications and are ideal for use in general office settings and conference rooms. All of the new ballasts use the industry-standard Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol to enable two-way communications with individual lighting fixtures and allow users to set up any fluorescent lighting configuration they desire with numerous distinct performance settings.
Advance Transformer /

Termination Test Kit

The new MicroScanner2 Termination Test Kit includes everything a network cable installer or TV cable technician needs to locate, terminate and verify copper cabling installations. The MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier works with coax, UTP and two-lead conductors. This cable tester shows installers the four most important test results — cable length, wire map, cable ID and distance to break or short — as visual representations on a single screen. This makes testing faster and reduces the chance of human error switching between tests. Also part of the MicroScanner2 Termination Test Kit is the IntelliTone Pro Probe, which uses digital signaling technology to separate trace signals from background noise to identify specific wire pairs and cables on active networks.
Fluke Networks /


The Tiastar Smart Motor Control Center (MCC) is designed to offer seamless integration into customer sites with competitive control systems. The MCC includes a series of gateway solutions that transition the Profibus-DP network inside the Smart MCC to the customer desired control network. The gateway solutions are factory installed and programmed in a 12-inch MCC bucket. Additionally, the manufacturer has developed a series of PLC card solutions that enable easy integration of the Smart MCC to run Profibus-DP through Rockwell or Modicon PLCs. Both solutions have been tested on the full suite of Smart Components in the Tiastar Smart MCC.
Siemens Energy & Automaton /

Power Strips

The Workshop Power Bar is a heavy-duty power strip designed to withstand the rigors of the workshop, garage or other rugged environments. The Power Bar's 4-foot metal housing contains 12 outlets spaced apart to allow for larger adapter-sized plugs for even the biggest projects. Outlet covers keep out dust and debris. The Coleman Cable power strip has a 6-foot 14/3-gauge power cord and features a combination on/off circuit breaker switch for safety. The new unit also comes with all the hardware necessary to mount the unit wherever multiple outlets are needed.
Coleman Cable /

Conduit Fittings

ETP Flexel EMT Flexible Fittings provide electrical contractors with an innovative, time-saving way to continue large conduit runs around corners, offsets, compound angles and through misaligned connections without the need to lug a heavy bending machine into the field. Newly redesigned Flexel fittings come in 1¼-inch-to-4 inch trade sizes with stub fittings on both ends to allow for use with set-screw and compression fittings. Flexel can couple or connect EMT to other EMT runs, panelboards or junction boxes, whenever or wherever a change in direction is needed. Flexel fittings bend to one or more angles with just elbow grease, a knee or a hammer, so contractors always gets the exact angles they need, whether it's straight tubing, a full 90-degree bend or any position in-between. The fittings maintain internal diameter per National Electrical Code (NEC) specification even at a full 90 degrees. While Flexel is rigid enough to maintain its shape when installed, it isolates equipment vibration and allows for limited expansion and contraction. Innovative new ETP Flexel fittings are suitable for indoor and dry locations wherever EMT is used as a raceway. They are UL-listed and CSA-certified.
ETP/EGS Electrical Group /


The 9-inch Savage and 6-inch Lil' Savage are made of precision-machined, solid-billet aluminum alloy, anodized for maximum durability. The four-vial design incorporates Swanson's exclusive Brightview milled vial ports that capture and reflect light for increased readability and accurate measurement of 0°, 30°, 45° and 90° angles. Top-read viewing windows offer an easy, straightforward view of the 0° and 30° vials. Rare-earth, neodymium magnets — considered to be among the strongest in the world — have also been integrated into the levels' design to provide maximum holding strength while out on the job. The Lil' Savage includes Swanson's exclusive TRI-LOC “Anti-Dog” attachment. This unique attachment offers three points of contact that lock the level onto the pipe, eliminating any level movement and correctly facilitating offset bends in piping.
Swanson Tool Co. /

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