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Feb. 1, 2008
Electrode-less Compact Fluorescent Lamps These 20W electrode-less compact fluorescent lamps, an addition to the DURA-ONE lamp line, offer possible energy

Electrode-less Compact Fluorescent Lamps

These 20W electrode-less compact fluorescent lamps, an addition to the DURA-ONE lamp line, offer possible energy savings of up to 75 percent and lamp life up to 20 times longer than standard incandescent lamps. As a part of the EcoLogic line of lamps, A19s boast both energy and environmental efficiency. Compared to standard compact fluorescent lamps, these lamps last 1.5 to 2.5 times longer. They can serve as direct replacements for medium-base incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps. Rated life is 15,000 hours (13 years) compared to 6,000 hours to 10,000 hours for typical medium-base compact fluorescent lamps. The color temperature is 2,700K and the color rendering index (CRI) is 82.
Sylvania /

Small-Aperture Downlighting

The ModuleX M3 Series offers halogen and metal-halide modular, high-performance, decorative and functional architectural recessed ceiling downlights with three-inch apertures. They provide energy-efficient, high-lumen output downlighting from contemporary, small-scale fixture designs and are suited for applications such as public and private offices and office buildings; schools and universities; health-care and hospitality venues; homes; merchandise display cases; cabinets; and custom millwork. All fixtures are UL- and ULC-listed.
Ardee Lighting /

Mini-CFL Provides Bright Light in a Small Package

As a part of EcoLogic line of lamps, the micro-mini Twist, the smallest CFL on the market, is the latest product in environmentally preferable CFL technology. The CFLs are available in 13W, 20W and 23W models. The mini CFL is designed to replace 60W, 75W or 100W incandescent lamps and boasts an average rated lamp life of 12,000 hours. Featuring an ultra-small ¼ inch tube diameter and a compact integral electronic ballast, the micro-mini boasts a smaller, shorter stature than typical compact fluorescent lamps.
Sylvania /

Downlight Exceeds Title 24 Requirements

The eW Downlight SM Powercore is a sleek, competitively priced downlight with output of at least 600 lumens for general illumination and an overall fixture efficacy of greater than 40 lumens per watt — exceeding California's Title 24 requirements. Unlike typically larger downlights with conventional sources, its low-profile, surface-mount housing allows for easy and unobtrusive installation in wide-ranging interior environments — mitigating the common challenges associated with installing fixtures into shallow recess depths.
Philips Lighting /

LED Bollard for Pathway Lighting

The PathMaster Composite LED Bollard is an outdoor architectural fixture designed to provide energy-efficient illumination of walkways, decks, sidewalks and landscape areas for normal and emergency use. Incorporating LED technology, each light engine utilizes three high-performance, long-life, low-maintenance white LEDs for illumination and can be applied from one to all four sides of the bollard to maximize path of egress as needed. The bollard can be readily affixed by an anchor base, lag bolts or direct burial. The PathMaster Power System provides normal and emergency power support. The bollard is fabricated from fiberglass-reinforced polymers. All exposed hardware is stainless steel and the light engines are constructed of die-cast aluminum. Standard finishes include black, bronze and white. Custom finishes are also available.
Chloride Systems /

Electronic Transformers Meet New UL Standard

Smart Transformers meet the new UL2108 standard for abnormal short-circuit protection. The older 1598 safety standard did not require abnormal short-circuit protection, even though most shorts occurring in low-voltage systems such as monorail and puck lighting are abnormal. The transformers are designed to be user-friendly and incorporate abnormal short-circuit protection, troubleshooting diagnostics and full-scale dimming. The manufacturer guarantees a minimum of eight hours safe operation under the duress of a short circuit. This provides sufficient time to troubleshoot the installation without having to replace the transformer. Other features include small size, full-scale dimming on a load as low as 25 percent, silent operation, an auto-reset feature, thermal overload protection and soft-start technology to extend lamp life.
W.A.C. Lighting /

Energy-Efficient Downlights

The StopAire 4-inch and 6-inch recessed fixtures are ENERGY STAR-qualified and meet the new energy code standards including in California, Washington and New York. They are IC-rated for direct contact with insulation and prevent airflow between above the ceiling plane and living areas.
Con-Tech /

Occupancy Sensor Features Versatile Control Options

The redesigned Decora Manual-ON Occupancy Sensor adds to the control capabilities of an earlier model with its higher 15A rating and the ability to interoperate with the company's other lighting controls. Like the IPP10, once manually switched “on,” the IPP15 monitors a room or area for occupancy and automatically switches lighting “off” once it no longer detects occupancy. Complying with California Title 24 requirements, the IPP15 not only functions as a single-pole occupancy sensor, but also offers true three-way and multi-location control capabilities. The sensor is designed for bathrooms, hallways, garages, basements, dining rooms, utility rooms or any area of the home where residents may forget to switch lights off.
Leviton Manufacturing /

Miniature Recessed Linear Slot Fluorescent System

GRüV is a recessed linear slot lighting system that provides specifiers and designers with a smaller scale, more architecturally pleasing palette of lighting solutions for the most discriminating environments. The fixture's three-inch aperture provides general lighting that's both effective and visually appealing. Utilizing the compact T5 or T5 High Output fluorescent lamps, staggered up to 6 inches to reduce socket shadow in a single- or two-light profile, GRüV provides a combination of scale, energy-efficiency and performance in an architectural recessed linear fixture. GRüV is perfect for a wide range of commercial applications and is particularly well suited to office environments including open offices, conference rooms and individual offices. Available for use in gypsum board and slot and t-grid ceilings, the luminaires are offered in varying run-lengths and lamp-configurations to meet specifier needs. Fixtures can be continuously row-mounted using a drawer latching system that provides easy and precise joining of units.
Amerlux /

Lighting Fixtures Provide Energy Savings and Architectural Styling

The EnergyMax Intersect is a two lamp, energy-efficient, louvered luminaire designed to provide full distribution and energy savings in a crisp new look. Intersect is a true louvered system that provides the same foot candles on the work surface as parabolics while at the same time redirecting more light on the walls to greatly reduce the cave effect produced by parabolics. While traditional three-lamp parabolics use 85W of power, the EnergyMax Intersect's savings occur without sacrificing light levels. EnergyMax Intersect tuned system uses only 66W of power, reducing energy usage by 22 percent. The fixture offers a slightly lower light output, but with greater energy savings. By employing a 28W T8 lamp, Intersect Plus uses only 55W of power for a 35 percent reduction in energy consumption.
Columbia Lighting/Hubbell /

T8 Lamps Offer Increased Efficiency

When paired with UltraStart ballasts, Ultra Energy Saving T8 linear fluorescent lamps — F28T8, F32T8/XL/HL and F32T8/XL/WM — efficiency extend lamp life and reduce energy use compared to standard ballasts. This Ultra T8 lamp-UltraStart ballast combination is designed for use with occupancy sensors or other electronic controls that offer cost-effective energy savings. When used with the UltraStart program-start ballast in settings such as office and industrial buildings, warehouses, retail chains, schools, hospitals and government buildings, the GE F28T8 lamp can deliver a 15 percent reduction in wattage compared with a standard 3-lamp F32T8 system. It also offers a 24,000-hour rated life at 12 hours per start, 2,750 initial lumens and a color-rendering index (CRI) of 85.
GE Lighting /

Miniature Line-Voltage Track Heads

Miniature Line-Voltage Track Luminaires can be mounted and aimed in nearly any configuration to provide just the right amount of light, especially with the modern architecture of today's homes and commercial spaces. These track heads utilize GU10 lamps to achieve the small and sleek look of a MR16 track head without the need for a transformer. The series includes track heads with amber and white glass shades, as well as black and white metal finishes.
W.A.C. Lighting /

T8 Lamps Contain Less Mercury

Alto II T8 lamps now contain only 1.7 mg of mercury, a 50 percent reduction from previous levels. One of the company's Green Flagship product lines, ALTO II lamps' long-lasting, energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious product design fully promotes sustainability by helping to reduce CO2 greenhouse gas and mercury emissions as well as minimizing replacement and disposal efforts. In addition to the T8 Alto II lamp types currently available, the company will be incorporating Alto II technology into a broad range of 32W, 17W and 25W T8 lamps over the next 18 months.
Philips Lighting /

Underground Cable for Wind Power Applications

This 34.5 kV TRXLP-insulated medium-voltage cable for applications in the wind power industry is available in a variety of options, including aluminum or copper conductor, full and reduced neutral and in customer specified cut-lengths. The company offers various supply solutions for 34.5 kV cable based on the delivery cycle that best meets customer needs.
Hendrix Wire & Cable /

Unjacketed Bundled Cables Save Time and Money for Installers

This unjacketed bundled cable features two Cat 5e and two RG6 Quad cables and provides a cost-effective solution for quick installations in confined spaces in residential VDV and cable-television applications. The unjacketed bundled cables eliminate the need to strip back the jacket, and the conductors more easily separate into individual cables. This allows for faster termination and provides cost savings versus traditional jacketed constructions.
Coleman Cable Inc. /

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