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Aug. 1, 2008
With contact information for more than hundreds of electrical manufacturers, Electrical Wholesaling's 2007 Source Book is one reference you'll want to

With contact information for more than hundreds of electrical manufacturers, Electrical Wholesaling's 2007 Source Book is one reference you'll want to keep handy. When developing a business game plan, some of the first phone calls you make should be to these sources.

Industry Associations

American Lighting Association (ALA)

As a trade association of the lighting industry, the goal of this organization is to provide the public with the proper application of residential lighting. Members include residential lighting specialists, lighting and fan manufacturers, retail showrooms and lighting designers.
Ph: (214) 698-9898

Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)

With 8,500 members in 77 countries, this organization is a source for information on how to improve energy efficiency, utilize innovative energy-service options, enhance environmental management programs, upgrade facility operations and improve equipment performance.
Ph: (770) 447-5083

Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP)

AESP provides utilities, consultants, energy marketers and other professionals in the energy market with training, information and networking opportunities.
Ph: (480) 704-5900

Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD)

AHTD works to create, build, maintain and improve profitable relationships between automation solution providers and their manufacturers.
Ph: (262) 696-3645


BICSI is a resource for the information transport systems (ITS) industry. The association offers courses, conferences, publications and professional registration programs for voice/data/video (VDV) installers and telecommunications professionals.
Ph: (813) 979-1991

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

CSA develops electrical safety standards for products manufactured for sale and use in the Canadian market and in other countries around the globe.
Ph: (416) 747-4000

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

EPRI is a nonprofit energy-research consortium that works to find solutions to the challenges of electric power.
Ph: (650) 855-2121

Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

Edison Electric Institute (EEI) is an association of U.S. shareholder-owned electric companies, international affiliates and industry associates worldwide. The association works with members to advocate equitable policies in legislative and regulatory arenas.
Ph: (202) 508-5000

Electric Utility Distributors Association (EUDA)

The nine EUDA members are owned by rural electric utilities coops and use their combined inventory of more than $85 million to assist these power companies during natural disasters and emergency situations.

For questions on EUDA, contact Johnny Andrews, Texas Electric Cooperatives Inc. at (512) 868-8610

Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA)

EASA is an international trade organization in the motor market with nearly 2,100 electromechanical sales and service firms in 58 countries. Its engineering and educational programs help keep members up to date on materials, equipment and technology.
Ph: (314) 993-2220

Electrical Equipment Representatives Association (EERA)

EERA's mission is to advance the quality and increase the effectiveness of manufacturers' representatives in the electrical equipment industry. There are 97 EERA reps.
Ph: (816) 561-5323

Electro Federation of Canada (EFC)

This nonprofit association has six councils representing 300 member companies that manufacture, distribute and service electrical, electronic and telecommunications products in Canada.
Ph: (866) 602-8877

ETL Semko/Intertek

ETL provides product testing and listing services for electrical products, much like Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
Ph: (800) 967-5352

Industrial Supply Association (ISA)

Representing locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia, this trade association focuses on all areas critical to managing a distributorship, including operations, sales and marketing, human resources, quality, technology, finance and customer service.
Ph: (866) 460-2360


IDEA manages the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) and the IDX electronic network for its distributor and manufacturer members. It was created to foster the growth of e-business and related communications standards in the electrical industry and other vertical markets.
Ph: (703) 562-4600

Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA)

With its membership of engineers, architects, designers, educators, students, contractors, distributors, utility personnel, manufacturers and scientists, IESNA's mission is to advance knowledge and disseminate information for the improvement of lighting to the benefit of society.
Ph: (212) 248-5000

Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC)

Through membership in IEC, open-shop/nonunion electrical contractors can increase their chances for success in the electrical construction marketplace.
Ph: (703) 549-7351

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE)

IEEE is a nonprofit, technical professional association with more than 375,000 members in 160-plus countries. IEEE is an authority in technical fields such as computer engineering, biomedical technology, telecommunications, electric power, aerospace and consumer electronics.
Ph: (212) 419-7900

International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)

The primary concern of the IAEI is consumer safety. The IAEI and its members are committed to improving design, installation, inspection and usage of energy.
Ph: (972) 235-1455

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

The IBEW supports and protects the rights of its unionized electrical contractors.
Ph: (202) 833-7000

Manufacturers' Agents National Association (MANA)

This trade association for independent manufacturers' representatives in many different construction, industrial and retail fields emphasizes education. MANA's mission is to aid in the development and promotion of mutually profitable relationships and ethical standards of behavior for reps, their principals and joint customers.
Ph: (949) 859-4040

National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED)

Since 1908, the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) has served as the trade association for the electrical distribution industry. Dedicated to serving and protecting the electrical distribution channel, this not-for-profit organization provides networking opportunities through approximately 50 meetings and conferences a year.
Ph: (314) 991-9000

National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO)

The association provides many benefits to energy-service companies (ESCOs), including legislative representation, networking and business partnerships.
Ph: (202) 822-0950

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

NAHB is a federation of state and local builder associations. Its mission is to enhance the economic climate for the housing and the building industry and to promote policies that will keep housing a national priority.
Ph: (202) 266-8200

National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors (NAILD)

NAILD enhances the value of the specialized lighting distributor by creating opportunities for business development and growth through education and member interaction.
Ph: (716) 875-3670

National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW)

NAW represents the wholesale distribution industry and is active in government relations and political action, research and education.
Ph: (202) 872-0885

National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)

Founded in 1901, NECA represents unionized electrical contracting firms. Dedicated to enhancing the industry through continuing education, labor relations, current information and promotional activities, it's an important voice in the electrical contracting industry.
Ph: (301) 657-3110

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

NEMA provides a forum for the development of technical standards and advocates industry policies on legislative and regulatory matters that might affect the industry.
Ph: (703) 841-3200

National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA)

NEMRA and its affiliate, the NEMRA Manufacturers Group (NMG), is a North American trade association dedicated to promoting the use of independent manufacturers' representatives as the most effective way to market products in the electrical industry.
Ph: (914) 524-8650

National Electronic Distributors Association (NEDA)

NEDA is a nonprofit association representing distributors of electronic components; computer and computer peripheral components; and test, measurement and control equipment.
Ph: (678) 393-9990

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

NFPA's mission is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating scientifically based consensus codes and standards, research, training and education.
Ph: (617) 770-3000

North American Association of Utility Distributors (NAAUD)

NAAUD has 17 utility specialists with a combined total of 170 locations that supply products and supply-chain services to the electric utility industry. During power outages, the members work together to ship products to the members in the affected area.
Ph: (352) 259-3999

Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA)

PTDA is a U.S.-based trade association representing power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distributor firms with locations in North America and other countries throughout the world, as well as manufacturers that supply the PT/MC industry.
Ph: (312) 516-2100

Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL)

PEARL membership is offered to those electrical companies that qualify as recyclers, vendors and associates. The association develops information, networking and other services for the proper recycling and reuse of electrical power equipment.
Ph: (877) 287-3275

Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA)

STAFDA is an international trade association composed of distributors, manufacturers and rep agents that sell tools and other light construction, industrial and related products.
Ph: (262) 784-4774

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, nonprofit product safety testing and certification organization that has tested products for public safety for more than a century.
Ph: (847) 272-8800

Buying/Marketing Groups

Affiliated Distributors (A-D)
Ph: (610) 977-3100;

Ph: (301) 567-8888;

Equity Electrical Associates/Electrical Distributors Network (EDN)
Equity: (800) 373-1894

EDN: (800) 338-8308


Bill Attardi, Attardi Marketing; marketing energy-efficient products and services
Ph: (732) 946-8521

Howard Coleman, MCA Associates; sales development, business re-engineering and supply-chain management
Ph: (203) 732-0603

Paul Eitmant, IP Group International; global marketing
Ph: (480) 488-5646

Adam Fein, Pembroke Consulting Inc.; strategic planning expertise
Ph: (215) 523-5700

Robert Footlik, Footlik & Associates; warehouse design expertise
Ph: (847) 328-5644

Dick Friedman, General Business Consultants; how to use information technology more effectively and profitably
Ph: (847) 256-3260

David Gordon, Channel Marketing Group; expertise in increasing market share
Ph: (919) 488-8635

Mike Holt, Mike Holt Enterprises Electrical Training Center; electrical training and National Electrical Code
Ph: 888-632-2633

Frank Hurtte, River Heights Consulting; distribution management, specialty distribution
Ph: (563) 514-1104

Herm Isenstein, DISC Corp.; statistical analysis of electrical industry sales
Ph: (203) 799-3673

René Jones, Total Logistics Solutions Inc.; warehouse efficiency consulting
Ph: (818) 353-2962

Ted Konnerth, Egret Consulting Group; Executive search firm specializing in the electrical industry and related fields.
Ph: (847) 307-7125

Bruce Merrifield, The Merrifield Consulting Group; expertise in strategic planning, sales, marketing and management
Ph: (919) 933-7474

Bill McCleave, W.R. McCleave & Associates; expertise is marketing, management, market research and integrated supply
Ph: (704) 892-4117

Michael Marks, Indian River Consulting; distribution expert
Ph: (321) 956-8617

Tom O'Connor, Farmington Consulting; expertise in strategic planning and company repositioning
Ph: (860) 676-7876

Allen Ray, Allen Ray Associates Ltd.; profit management
Ph: (817) 704-0068

Jon Schreibfeder, Effective Inventory Management; inventory management
Ph: (972) 304-3325

George Spilka, distributor mergers and acquisitions
Ph: (412) 486-8189

The Distribution Team Inc.; inventory management expertise
Jason Bader (503) 282-2333
Scott Stratman (719) 597-5978

Russell White, Pinnacle Solutions; Fortune 500 manager/consultant
Ph: (803) 831-7600

E-biz Resources

BillTrust, Outsourced billing solutions for distributors
Ph: (609) 235-1010

BlueVolt, Online training
Ph: (503) 223-2583

Expert Systems Consulting (ESC), Business system implementation
Ph: (330) 353-0774

Grey Wolf Systems, EDI, Web Storefronts and system integration
Ph: (719) 264-9653

IDEA, See association listing

Invoice Connection, Paperless invoicing
Ph: (800) 431-0061

Pan-Pro, Software and consulting for supply-chain optimization and vendor-managed inventory
Ph: (888) 507-5400

Trade Service Co., pricing and product data for the electrical market.

Logistics & Shipping

Industrial Fleet Management
Ph: (800) 899 4801

Logistics Management Inc.
Ph: (508) 993-4444

Routeview Technologies
Ph: (800) 793-7630

TAG Logistics, Consulting services focused on shipping and distribution
Ph: (413) 565-4641

Management Services

HT Capital Advisors, Mergers and acquisitions
Ph: (212) 759-9080

Captive Resources, Insurance
Ph: (847) 781-1400

Zilliant, Pricing and profit enhancement
Ph: (512) 531-8500

Marketing Services

ElectricSmarts, Online marketing and education
Ph: (860) 633-6035

Taylor Market Media Group, Marketing services for electrical distributors
Ph: (949) 258-0410

Wolfe Promotional Services, Marketing services for electrical distributors
Ph: (203) 452-7692

Market-Planning Resources

2008 Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide

This book offers a ton of demographic information as well as maps of all U.S. metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). It's usually available in a good business library.

Survey of Buying Power

Packed with local market data, including five-year population growth forecasts.

Departments of economic development

States courting new businesses usually have a Web site with basic economic information.

Local union chapters

When looking for employment statistics on the number of electrical contractors in your area, check with the local union hall.

Local home builders' associations

These groups often have statistics on housing starts or building permits. The local Board of Realtors may also have this information.

Business department of a college or university

You may be surprised by the amount of data business schools collect on the local economy. It's a mixed bag as to how to access this data. Sometimes it's available for free on the Web; at times it may be a for-pay proposition. It's also often available at the nearest college or university library.


You have a decent chance of finding some free statistics at good-sized banks in your area. Some may even offer this information online.

Local newspapers

Many newspapers do a nice job of archiving business articles of interest to the local community. There may be a fee to access a newspaper's database online.


Your sales databases are probably the best reference sources for forecasting future sales. For sales-potential estimates, obtain the number of employees a customer has and then use the sales potential multipliers available each year in the November issue of Electrical Wholesaling.

Software Vendors

Activant Solutions Inc.
Owns the following distribution software packages: Prophet 21, Eclipse, Prelude and Trade Service Systems
Ph: (215)

DDI System
Ph: (877)

Infor Distribution Essentials
Ph: 800-260-2640

Integrated Systems Technology
Ph: (800)


Mincron Software Systems
Ph: (800)

Prophet 21
See Activant

Rubicon Group Ltd.
Ph: (630)


Ph: (877)

Technology Group International
Ph: (419)

Ph: (514)

Vormittag Associates Inc. (VAI)
Ph: (800)

Walden Services Inc.
Ph: (781) 642-7653

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