Sept. 1, 2003
Cold cutting technology delivers faster, cooler cutting The new 8-inch metal cutting circular saw with dry (also known as ) cutting technology is equipped

Cold cutting technology delivers faster, cooler cutting

The new 8-inch metal cutting circular saw with dry (also known as “cold”) cutting technology is equipped with durable, fast-cutting Cermet-tipped blades. The saw produces a virtual spark-free wake and cool, burr and scorch-free edges that don't require post-cut finishing. Compared to cutting with an abrasive wheel, the Cermet-tipped blades last up to 25 times longer, significantly lowering the cost per cut. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
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Electrician invents templated hole cutter

Like most electricians, Greg Tillemans cut holes manually with a keyhole saw — until he invented the Perfect Cutter, which integrates a patented template system with a router and a powerful vacuum. The templates are designed to cut a variety of holes. The high-speed router cuts a clean, accurate hole in as little as 20 percent of the time required by traditional methods. The vacuum securely holds the Perfect Cutter and the chosen template against surfaces and removes the resulting dust and debris as the hole is cut. Python Tools
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New crimping and cutting tools are added to tool line

Two new lightweight crimping tools and two cutting tools have been added to the Battpac/Battpac LT Color-Keyed tool line. The ergonomic tools are 14.4-volt battery operated with a short charging time, feature a forged steel insulated head, include a carrying case with strap and two batteries, and are backed by an extended warranty. The TBM8-750BSCR crimper (shown) is a dieless 12-ton tool with positive verification, range taking “smart” crimping and 8 AWG-750 kcmil copper and 750 kcmil aluminum connector capacities. Thomas & Betts
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Hammer drill driver is versatile

With more working torque and contemporary design, the new SF 180A 18V cordless cam-action hammer/drill/driver allows professionals to move easily from one application to another and maneuver in hard-to-reach spaces. The versatile tool can drill into a range of base materials, including wood, steel, masonry and light concrete. The SF 180A also features a 15 percent increase in gear teeth height for hard-hitting performance. Hilti
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Reciprocating saw's variable speed feature adds versatility, greater user control

The model R3000 reciprocating saw offers 9A of power from its heavy-duty motor, and its variable speed-trigger-switch gives users the freedom to tackle a wide range of materials. Even when running at 2,800 strokes per minute, the user can change cutting speeds in the middle of the cut. The saw is equipped with three bimetal blades: two with the ability to slice through wood with nails and one to tackle metal surfaces. This bimetal construction makes for longer, sharper blades, which the user can change easily due to the saw's tool-less blade-changing system. Ridgid
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Greenlee offers corded termination tools

After finding that some end users were concerned about their battery-powered tools running out of power, Greenlee has introduced a line of corded cable termination products. The following crimping tools now come in corded versions that are available in both 120V and 230V models and are identical to their battery-powered counterparts with all the same capacities: Gator-Plus 12-ton crimping tools, Gator-Plus CSG45GL ASCR and guy wire cutter, Gator-Plus Quad-Point dieless crimping tools, Gator-Plus 6-ton crimping tools and Gator-Pro CCCX. Additionally, crimps performed with Gator-Plus CCCX and 6-ton corded crimping tools on color-coded lugs and splices are UL and cUL classified with seven connector brands. Greenlee
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