The Canadian Electrical Industry has grown dramatically in the past few years bolstered by increased commodity pricing world market dynamics but are you getting your fair share as the market for electrical equipment drives through the 8 Billion dollar Canadian threshold for the first time.

IP Group has finalized its most recent bi annual Pathfinder Report for Canada for 2006. First published in 2004 the Pathfinder report has become the new benchmarking tool for those who market and sell electrical equipment in Canada, providing data on end user markets, alternative channels of distribution, market multipliers and product sales for all electrical equipment. In addition the report lists the top 1500 electrical contractors and active electrical consulting engineers and provides a detailed report on disc for the channel for 1160 branch locations across Canada.

The Pathfinder report presents the entire electrical industry through its numerous specialized channels including the Aligned or Electro federation member distributors, non aligned distributors, catalogue houses and independents, retail, utility, wire and datacom channels.

Highlights of this years report include a complete overview for the electrical industry including market share by channel type and regional sales overviews. Unique to this report are historical sales summaries for 43 key electrical equipment product groups and market sales figures for 23 end user markets for the years of 2003 through 2005 and estimates for this years end.

This 36 page report includes:

- The Canadian Market Economic Indicators Overview 2001 – 2006

- Total Available Market for Electrical Products

- Five Year Copper Pricing Table

- Five Year Aluminum Pricing Table

- Dollars By trading Region

- Electrical Channel In Canada

- Total Market for Electrical Products in Canada by end use market

- Total Electrical Industry by product - % of sales through channels

- Dollars by Product type all Channels 2005 - 2006 Key product groups

- Dollars by Product type all Channels 2005 - 2006 Key and Other

- Canada's Top Electrical Contractors – 2006

- Canada's Top Electrical Consulting Engineers – 2006

- Canada's Electrical Distribution Channel on disc in excel format

The complete 52 page report complete with its databases is available for $2500 complete from IP Group International.

Canada: John W. Kerr 162 Gilwood Park Drive, Penetanguishene, Ontario L9M 1Z6 [email protected] phone 416.201.2612

USA: Paul F. Eitmant 33619 N 78th Place Scottsdale, AZ 85262 [email protected] phone 480.488.5646

About the IP Group: The IP Group has been surveying and researching the Canadian Electrical market since 2001 providing specialized and custom market research and consulting projects for its clients and the Pathfinder reports series is a natural extension of this work

The IP group is a leading electrical industry consultancy with a global network of trained and experienced electrical industry executives and who’s who list of clients.

For more information please visit our web site

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