eBay Campus and Employees Go Solar

SolarCity, Foster City, Calif., has completed the largest commercial solar power installation in San Jose on eBay's north campus. The 650 kilowatt (kW) installation — including 3,248 individual solar panels — spans 60,000 square feet on multiple buildings. The system was unveiled last month in a ceremony to recognize eBay's first building built to the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED gold standard.

SolarCity also developed a solar power benefits program for eBay employees, where those who switch to solar power can use the company's SolarLease financing option or a discounted cash-purchase option to go solar for less money than it costs to remain on utility-based electricity.

“I was pleased that SolarCity was the first company to accept my challenge to offer San Jose residents a $0-down option for solar power, and now I'm delighted that they've teamed with eBay on the city's largest commercial solar installation,” said San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed. “Efforts from companies like SolarCity and eBay are helping San Jose become a leader in developing clean technology and adopting clean power, reducing our dependence on expensive, polluting energy sources.”

SolarCity estimates that over the next three decades, eBay's solar system will offset 37 million pounds of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of planting 322 acres of trees. SolarCity also estimates that solar-generated power will save eBay approximately $100,000 in electricity costs within its first year of operation.

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