Greenlee Launches New Line of Hand Tools

In one of the biggest product launches in its 145-year-plus history, Greenlee, Rockford, Ill., rolled out a new line of hand tools that includes more than 100 custom-designed products for electrical contractors, utility workers and general contractors. This new line is intended to expand Greenlee's breadth of products and offer customers new options for making their work faster, safer and easier.

“We developed this comprehensive line as a natural extension to Greenlee's existing offering of hand tools and related products,” said J. Scott Hall, Greenlee's president. “This launch was a direct response to what our customers, both end-users and distributors, have been requesting from Greenlee.”

The new hand tools include wire cutters, wire strippers, pliers, saws, screwdrivers, wrenches, insulated drivers, cable rippers, tool bags, hammers, rulers and tool kits. All of the new products bear the Greenlee name.

Of special concern in the design process was ergonomics, and many of the new tools have cushioned grips and other features to help prevent repetitive-use injuries on job sites. All products in the hand tool line are supported with Greenlee's lifetime limited warranty policy.

To help drive sales through its distributor network, Greenlee's Web site features several promotions related to the product launch. In the “Get Your Hands on Greenlee” promotion, customers get $5 off every $25 purchase, with a maximum discount of $25 on $100 for products purchased from authorized distributors. In the related “Made for the Trade” promotion, customers can get free Greenlee hats when they provide basic contact data on the Web site.

R. Siisi Adu-Gyamfi, Textron's senior vice president, international and marketing, said Greenlee relied heavily on customer feedback during the product-development process.

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