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Johnson Electric Supply Celebrates its 100th Year in the Industry

In 2007, Johnson Electric Supply Co., Cincinnati, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The company prides itself on being a “surviving” 3rd-generation family business, and on the loyalty of its customer and employee base. In its Cincinnati locations alone, it has 37 employees whose combined years of service total 593.

Edward Mohr, who joined the company in 1942, leaving only for a few years in the Navy during World War II, is now executive vice president, and still active in sales.

“Our atmosphere is relaxed, and our hospitality outreaching,” says Anne Johnson White, office manager. “Claude W. Johnson, Jr., my father, believed in a firm hand shake and doors that said welcome. His legacy continues. We entertain our customers on a regular basis. In the spring and summer, it's tickets to the watch the Reds; in the winter we grill steaks here on our deck and take customers to watch the Bengals. Throughout the year we provide educational seminars for both our employees and our customers.”

The company is now led by Anne's brother Doug, president, while their brother Bob Johnson, vice president, sales and marketing, “continues to wow customers with his product knowledge and warm personality.”

The company hopes to kick off its 100th year in the industry with publicity, customer specials, and a two-day customer event in June with vendor displays and dinner on the Ohio River.

“We know that to endure in this highly competitive market, we need to remain focused, informed and united,” Anne Johnson White concludes. “When your name is on the door, you stand behind it.”

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