LEDs Light Historic Boston Skyscraper

Boston's first official skyscraper, the Marriott Custom House Tower, has undergone a long-awaited lighting makeover to reclaim its skyline prominence in a sustainable way. Formerly lit by incandescent-based fixtures that had fallen into disrepair, the Tower has been restored to its fully illuminated state using LED fixtures that consume just one-third the energy of the previous sources.

The Tower's lighting scheme was conceptualized by Lam Partners Inc., which had also designed the former lighting treatment 20 years ago. An approximate total of 125 eW Blast Powercore and eW Graze Powercore fixtures now illuminate the Custom House Tower from the 17th floor to the peak, while energy-efficient metal-halide fixtures from Philips Lightolier illuminate the building's base. In addition to consuming less energy, the LEDs require far less maintenance with a projected lifetime of more than 20 years at six hours of use per day.

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