By the Numbers

23,303 Megawatts

The record amount of power in megawatts that Southern California Edison (SCE) supplied to its customers on Aug. 31. One megawatt supplies approximately 650 homes. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which supplies power to approximately 550,000 homes in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia, also produced record amounts of power this summer. During August, TVA set 13 peak power demand records, according to

$122.99 Per Share

The 52-week high for shares of First Solar Inc., Phoenix, a manufacturer of solar electric power modules. During its meteoric rise from $30 per share in early January, seats for Wall Street investors were tough to find on the First Solar bandwagon this year, and the stock epitomized the market's discovery of green stocks. The stock price had come back to earth a bit during the last month and was selling for approximately $108 per share at press-time. And one of its biggest boosters earlier this year, Jim Cramer, host of MSNBC's Mad Money, has cooled on the stock. But the moneymaking potential of owning green stocks is no longer a secret on Wall Street.

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