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Self-Feeding Drill Bits

The Bul-z-Eye self-feeding, wood-boring bits bore holes in wood for running pipe, tubing and conduit. Aggressive twin edges easily power through treated or wet wood without binding or jamming. The twin edges' precision ground teeth provide up to a 50 percent wider cutting surface, resulting in improved cutting speeds, better balance and cleaner, more accurate holes when compared to bits from competitive brands. Wobbling, a key contributor to splintered, ragged holes, is eliminated by the precision-machined shaft that achieves perfect bit concentricity and by its burr-free lead screw that feeds the bit through the wood at a consistent rate. Lead screws are replaceable using a hex wrench, extending the drilling life of the bit and optimizing cost-per-hole value. Bul-z-Eye self-fee wood boring bits are 4 ⅝ inches long with a 7/16-inch shank to accommodate ½-inch drill chucks. Twelve bit diameters are available.

Ideal Industries Inc./

Manual Transfer Switch Designed for Easy Portable Generator Hookup

The StormSwitch line of ready-to-install commercial manual transfer switches are uniquely engineered to provide safe, easy portable generator hook-up when backup power is required for a building. The wall-mounted StormSwitch is designed for initial installation by a licensed electrician to provide a new level of preparedness for any business or commercial building that may require a portable generator hookup during an extended power outage. Once professionally installed, StormSwitch eliminates the future need to have a licensed electrician available to manually connect to a generator during an emergency power outage situation, allowing quick, safe connection with minimal training. The switch combines a robust commercial-grade transfer switch with color-coded cam connectors for simple, quick and safe connection to a portable power generator. Utility and generator manual disconnects are interlocked to prevent cross connecting the power sources. The disconnects can be supplied as either molded-case circuit breakers or switches. In addition, the unit features a safety-interlocked door and dead-front panel. An optional vandal-resistant cover is available.

ESL Power Systems, Inc. /

Utility Locator Offers Multiple Frequencies

The RIDGID SeekTech SR-60 utility locator provides end users with more information to make the most informed decisions about underground infrastructure for easier and more accurate locates. The SR-60 is the only utility locator with the capability to receive the full range of locatable frequencies, allowing it to be used with any pre-set frequency transmitter. Users can locate at the broad frequency range of 10 Hz to 490 kHz and can tune the frequency 1 Hz at a time, allowing the SR-60 to be used with any pre-set frequency transmitter. The unique passive search mode can be used to search all broadband passive frequencies at once, allowing for easy identification of unknown metallic lines in the target area. These features provide the necessary data for the professional locator to develop a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the underground infrastructure. The RIDGID SR-60 locator uses multi-directional antennas and state-of-the-art processing to provide users with the information they need to effectively and easily locate underground utilities.

Ridgid /

Wall Sconces Comply with ADA Regulations

These Fused Art Glass Wall Sconces feature dramatic glass styles and colors and are designed to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. Pictured are three of the company's sconces. In the top left of the photo is “Biscotti,” with amber-colored art glass sprinkled with chips and streamers of hot glass fused together, and suspended by nickel-finished and powder-coated hardware. On the top right is “Muro Rossa,” a sconce featuring Molten Red Hot-colored art glass sprinkled with chips and streamers of glass, fused together and reheated to shape. The sconce is also crafted with?nickel-finished and powder-coated hardware. In?the bottom of the photo is “Oasis,” featuring Seafoam Green art glass with hot-sculpted Palm Trees backed with frosted bent glass.

Meyda Lighting /

Power Measurement Module Manages Energy-Related Costs

The 750-493 3-Phase Power Measurement Module integrates comprehensive monitoring of a power supply network with the connectivity of an I/O system. At just 12 mm wide, the high-density, six-channel 750-493 represents a cost- and space-effective solution to power system supply management. When one or more 750-493 modules are connected to a WAGO controller, the solution can be programmed with WAGO-I/O-PRO CAA for data logging, time stamping and historical analysis. The termination points in the 750-493 utilize CAGE CLAMP wiring technology for fast, easy and maintenance-free wiring. For convenience, it also features WSB-Markers for individually labeling termination points.

Wago /

Home Entertainment System Wins Professional Builder Magazine Award

Leviton's Architectural Edition home entertainment system was named by Professional Builder magazine as one of its Top 100 Products of the Year. Powered by JBL audio products, the system includes multi-room music, home theater and outdoor speakers. The multi-room music offering is ideal for homeowners who enjoy listening to high-end audio but prefer the aesthetics of a room without obtrusive speakers. The home theater systems are available in modular on-the-wall or in-wall and ceiling systems and deliver a true cinema experience to the home. The outdoor speakers provide superior quality sound to outdoor areas like the patio or poolside. They withstand the punishment of outdoor exposure year-round.

Leviton /

LED Lamps for Street Lights

This recently patented solid-state lighting (SSL) technology for street lights provides a LED light engine that is up to 98 percent power-efficient only a 2 percent power loss which enables optimal power and LED lighting efficiencies. IES-certified photometric lab results and successful pilot field testing verified these levels of performance. Conventional high-pressure sodium (HPS) street lights consume 138W (a 100W HPS bulb, plus a ballast consuming an additional 38W), while the Remco prototype (a light engine and LED fixture within a cobra head fixture) consumed only 111W to generate 4,770 useable lumens.

Remco Solid-State Lighting

Lighting Controller Manages Preset Systems

The Clipsal Pascal Automation Controller enhances the capabilities of a Square D Clipsal lighting control system by providing expansive scheduling capability and facilitating operation of third-party products from input devices such as keypads and touch screens in both residential and commercial applications. The Pascal Automation Controller is easily installed by electrical contractors using standard Cat-5 cable. Third-party products such as a movie projector, screen, and security or HVAC systems are connected to the Pascal Automation Controller via its two RS232 ports. The lighting control system operates in a distributed wiring architecture where functionality is built into the individual input devices connected to the network. Pre-set lighting scenes for specific events can be activated in seconds with the simple press of a keypad or touchscreen button. For example, a home may have a pre-set lighting scene titled “movie night” where with the touch of button, the lights dim, the movie projector turns on and the movie screen lowers.

Square D /

Grounding Equipment for Windmills

By safely channeling harmful shaft currents away from bearings to ground, the AEGIS WTG wind turbine grounding ring prevents bearing damage that could otherwise cause generator failure, unplanned downtime, costly repairs and lost revenues. Maintenance-free, effective at any RPM, and available for any size wind turbine generator, the ring is designed for OEM installation or easy up-tower retrofit. High-frequency currents induced on the shafts of wind turbine generators can reach levels of 60A and 1,200V or greater. If not diverted, these currents will discharge through the generator's bearings, causing severe electrical damage that results in bearing failure and catastrophic turbine failure, sometimes in as little as six months or less. The AEGIS WTG's patented conductive microfiber technology effectively steers this current away from the bearings and safely to ground. The WTG is engineered to safely divert up to 120A of continuous shaft current at frequencies as high as 13.5 MHz and discharge up to 3,000V (peak).

Electro Static Technology /

Low-Power LED Lighting System

The Trac 12 Low Power LED (TL201LED) with superior energy efficiency and long life is an improvement on similar xenon and halogen lighting for use in coves, under cabinets and as shelf display or task lighting. The TL201LED consumes less than 15 percent of the power of conventional-watt low voltage xenon lamps and has more than double the life at 50,000 hours. A 1-inch by 1-inch low-profile design, including the track, allows Trac12 with TL201LEDs to be easily concealed in casework, displays and coves. Modules can be spaced as close as 2¼ inches on-center to produce up to 120 lumens per foot. The system maintains 70 percent of its initial light output at 50,000 hours. It can last up to about 10 years operating 12 hours a day, an especially important feature in difficult-to-access spaces such as high ceiling coves. Other advantages of this unique LED lighting system include wide, shadow-free and uniform light distribution, with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 80 for more natural color. It emits virtually no forward projected heat and no UV, so it remains cool to touch and will not fade objects sensitive to ultraviolet light. The TL201LED is available in either warm 3,000K or cooler 5,000K color temperatures, and may be dimmed down to zero percent with a selection of economical incandescent dimmers.

Juno Lighting Group /

Generator-Ready Residential Load Center

This generator-ready load center makes it easy to add an automatic home standby generator to any residence. Since standby generators are hardwired into a home's electrical system and plumbed into the natural gas or propane supply, installing them after the home construction is complete can be costly and time consuming. However, installing this generator-ready load center during construction eliminates the needs for future rewiring. Unlike a standard load center, which has only one interior, the generator ready load center has two interiors. During normal operating utility conditions, both interiors are powered. During generator backup conditions, only the lower interior containing critical circuits is powered. The generator ready load center has a total of 30 spaces, which can hold 42 circuits. All 42 circuits are powered by utility power, but 18 spaces, which can hold 30 circuits, are backed up by the generator. Once a generator is connected, the UL-listed switch operates automatically. The generator-ready load center utilizes standard Siemens panelboard components and is compatible with generators rated up to 125A or 30 kW.

Siemens Energy & Automation /

Line-Voltage Track Heads

Designed for use in hard-to-light spaces, the Line-Voltage Flex Arm Track Heads?direct light exactly where needed for a variety of applications. They can be mounted and aimed in nearly any configuration, to provide just the right amount of light, especially with the modern architecture of commercial spaces and today's homes. The track heads are available in four handsome finishes including black, white, brushed nickel/black and brushed nickel/white. They operate with a variety of lamps ranging from G, A, BR, and PAR16 to PAR38. The sliding adjustable socket accommodates different lamp positioning, and the fixture has a maximum extension of 54 inches.

W.A.C. Lighting /

UPS Offers Power Quality and Protection for Network Servers and other High-End Applications

Sold under the MGE Office Protection Systems brand, the new Pulsar family of UPS systems offers optimum power quality and availability for protecting the most sophisticated network, telephony, medical and industrial applications. The UPS system meets the higher power requirements of today's high-density servers with precise power conversion and compatibility with next-generation power-factor correction (PFC) power supplies. The Pulsar UPS systems deliver pure power combined with complete network integration software and communication connectivity, providing a comprehensive, easy-to-integrate solution for protecting IT systems. The Pulsar 700, 1,000 and 1,500VA units feature multiple-form factors. Tower and rack options are available in various sizes to accommodate a variety of networking and telecommunication enclosures. All Pulsar models accommodate a multi-position power distribution unit (FlexPDU) that saves space by adding receptacles to the back, side or top of the UPS — freeing up space in dense rack environments. In addition, a universal HotSwap Maintenance By-Pass module is designed to assure power continuity by allowing the UPS to be replaced without interrupting the power supply. During a power outage, the Pulsar can protect connected equipment for up to five hours with optional external battery modules.

Eaton/ MGE Office Protection Systems /

Low Smoke Zero-Halogen Conduit

Flame-retardant with low-flame propagation, Fiber-Guard Low Smoke Zero-Halogen (LSZH) conduit meets National Fire Protection Association and UL-1685 standards for confined space applications and lowers installation costs compared to metallic conduit. When exposed to flames, Fiber-Guard LSZH generates low smoke, creating better visibility and does not produce halogens, making it safe to use in confined spaces such as transportation tunnels and other areas where it's desirable to eliminate the release of halogen gas by-products. Due to the heightened awareness of the negative effects of halogen when exposed to flames, LSZH is designed to reduce acid combustion that can corrode sensitive electronic parts, lessening harmful side effects to humans and equipment. The conduit can be used as an innerduct and pulled into steel conduit or into cable tray, or directly attached to tunnel walls.


Modular Transformer Cassettes for Direct Burial Applications

Q-Set transformer cassettes power low-voltage lighting for pool/spa, landscape and indoor applications. The Q-Vault, a self-contained housing for Q-Sets, can be installed in-ground. Each Q-Set is designed with a custom designed, 50A large-capacity terminal block to hold a maximum of seven #14 AWG wires; five #12 AWG wires; four #10 AWG wires; or two #8 AWG wires. An extra-long, one-inch strip allows for two set screws per terminal to provide tighter connections and ensure better transformer performance. Specially designed insulated tools are supplied to maintain tight connections and keep wires torque. Q-Set has three UL listings: UL1838 code for landscape lighting; UL code for pool/spas; and UL2108 code for interior lighting.

Q-Tran Inc. /

Enclosures for Hazardous Locations

ATEX-certified ZONEX Enclosures are designed for use in potentially hazardous locations where allowable protection methods include increased safety per ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. ZONEX Enclosures also provide the installed components with IP66/NEMA 4X environmental protection. The enclosures are fabricated from Type 316 stainless steel, which provides superior corrosion resistance in most environments, The silicone gasket offers exceptional sealing and temperature performance. Side-mounted slotted mounting brackets allow easy one-person mounting and installation. Standard enclosures with either one or three gland plates allow for easy modification and wiring, and a lift-off door allows full access to components inside. Applications include petroleum and chemical processing; water treatment processing; pharmaceutical processing; and grain processing.

Hoffman /

Custom Industrial Enclosures

Providing NEMA 12 protection against dirt, dust and splashes from non-corrosive liquids, the TopConsole System features a modular design that delivers flexibility, aesthetics and functionality. The system is composed of three parts — a pedestal, desk unit and console. These individual components can be combined to match specific customer requirements. The console is constructed to provide greater usable mounting space in an ergonomically designed platform.

Rittal /

Coaxial Cable Connectors Offer Transparent Bushings

Suitable for RG6 and RG6 Quad coaxial cables, the OmniCONN F Connector simplifies installation of video, data and telephony systems by integrating a clear hardened polycarbonate bushing into its single-piece design. This patented feature gives the installer full visual of the cable entering into the connector's inner mandrel, helping to reduce failures commonly encountered while installing compression connectors, such as torn cable shielding, bunched braids or fraying of the dielectric. Further strengthening the connectors' performance are a non-corrosive nickel plated brass body, a free spinning hex nut for installation on all 7/16-inch ports, 75 ohm nominal impedance, bandwidth up to 3 GHz and a Delrin/Nylon adapter sleeve and o-ring for a true watertight seal.

Ideal Industries/

Connectivity Products are RoHS Compliant

These connectivity products are lead-free and have been updated with leading-edge lead-free solder technologies to ensure that all CAT 6 and CAT 5e jacks, patch panels and patch cords meet all the requirements for RoHS compliance. RoHS, also known as Lead-Free, stands for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances.” RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC restricts the use of six hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products. All applicable products sold into the European Union market after July 1, 2006, must pass RoHS compliance. California RoHS law, modeled after the European Directive, took effect on January 1, 2007. Specifically, RoHS bans the use of lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), hexavalent chromium (CrVI), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) in products.

Leviton /

Current Limiter Helps Slash Energy Usage

The ArchiTrak Current Limited Device (AKTCLC) is a track solution for building spaces having maximum wattage allowances. The AKTCLC is designed for energy-conscious applications that limit power consumption to achieve compliance with energy codes and to assist in complying with California Title 24. Current-limiter devices are available in maximum wattages of 120W, 300W, 600W and 900W. The device acts as a circuit breaker and trips the power off should the track be lamped beyond maximum lighting load. Additionally, tamper-resistant screws are supplied to prevent the altering or damaging of original lighting design after the job is complete. The canopy consists of a steel backplate, designed to fit a standard 4-inch square or octagonal J-box, and an injection-molded plastic canopy to accommodate one or two current-limiting devices.

Prescolite/Hubbell Lighting /

Insulated Underground Cable

The 15kV to 34.5 kV TRXLP-insulated medium-voltage cable is available with several custom delivery options and in several different constructions, including aluminum or copper conductor, full and reduced neutral. Customer specified cut-lengths are also available. The company offers various supply solutions based on the delivery cycle that best meets customer needs.

Hendrix Wire & Cable /

In-Line Disconnect Switch for Utility Applications

The WEJTAP In-Line Disconnect Switch is ideal for use in gloving and hot stick applications when paired with an industry-standard load break tool. Installation steps are kept to a minimum, as the switch can be snapped directly onto the line and secured with the company's conductor pivot retainer. WEJTAP tooling secures the unit's “C Member” to the built-in wedge feature of the frame, providing reliable mechanical and electrical performance.

FCI Burndy /

Maximum Capacity Metal Raceway

PMR40 Metal Raceway accepts both snap-on and standard NEMA double gang faceplates for increased versatility of power and data cabling terminations. Pre-punched mounting holes eliminate the need for drilling or removing knockouts to enable quick and easy installation. This system is available with an assortment of fittings, faceplates and accessories in white or almond colors. This fully compliant TIA/EIA-568B and 569B solution maintains a 2-inch bend radius throughout the system for routing high performance 10 Gigabit copper and fiber cable.

Panduit Corp. /

Heavy-duty Three-Outlet Extension Cord

The Cord Runner extension cord is now available in a heavy-duty 12 gauge STW 600V cord. Featuring three evenly spaced outlets instead of just one outlet at the end, the new cord is UL-listed and is ideal for job-sites that demand added flexibility with multiple tasks running in different areas. Each of the Cord Runner's evenly spaced outlets has a power indicator light to let users know when the power is on. Outlet covers keep water and dust out, while the outdoor-rated cord is durable, reliable and flexible even in the coldest weather. The 12-gauge cord is available in 6-foot and 50-foot lengths with a yellow jacket for safety and visibility.?

Coleman Cable Inc. /

Electronic Ballasts for Residential and Hospitality Applications

Manufactured exclusively for the residential and hospitality sectors, AmbiStar electronic fluorescent ballasts deliver warm, comfortable and cost-effective lighting solutions to a broad range of home and hospitality users. The AmbiStar ballasts for compact fluorescent lamps support 13W, 18W, 26W, 32W and 42W models and are ideal for applications such as downlighting, task, ambient, hallway and staircase lighting. The ballasts are offered in a variety of fixed and dimmable options for maximum flexibility. For CFL and T5 applications where space is at a premium, the ballasts are available in special miniaturized versions to deliver powerful and energy-efficient lighting solutions in a compact and versatile package.

Advance Transformer /

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