Sales Training Primer Written by Electrical Industry Veteran

If you need a good book and training resource on the basics of customer service and sales skills, check out “Thinking Outside the Bulb: The Art of Creating an Amazing Customer Experience.” Written by Mike Dandridge, a 25-year industry veteran, the book draws from his experiences as corporate trainer and consultant for all branch merchandising for Rexel USA, Dallas, and the insights of many of today's leading business authors. Dandridge, whose work is now published in Electrical Wholesaling, is a nationally recognized speaker on sales, marketing and merchandising.

Each of the book's 51 chapters deals with a different sales or customer-service topic and includes discussion points on the material covered. The simple-to-read, easily digestible format makes the book a natural for informal lunch-and-learn training sessions as well as more structured training classes. Paperback copies of the book cost $17 (plus $3 for postage); hardcover copies cost $23.77 (plus $3 for postage). For more ordering information, call (254) 773-5357; or e-mail Dandridge [email protected], or visit

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