Optec LED Lighting

Meet Optec LED Lighting's Bob Tortorello

March 14, 2024
There's no one in the lighting business who has had quite the same path into the market as Optec LED Lighting's Bob Tortorello in the lighting business. Learn how he got here and why he thinks it's a great place for young folks to launch their careers.

Bob Tortorello, vice president of sales for Optec LED Lighting, has worked for almost a decade in the LED lighting and signage business. He has more than 30 years of sales and management experience not only in the lighting business, but also in the gaming, advertising, professional sports and other tech-based product industries.

In this podcast, we chat with Bob about:

  • What gets him excited about going to work each morning
  • What he looks for in independent reps and electrical distributors
  • The technological advancements in LEDs and lighting controls that continue to transform the business
  • Competing with the lighting giants with a Can-Do attitude and a solid package of parking lot area lighting, wallpacks, floodlights and related products
  • Why the lighting industry is a great place to build a career