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In preparation for the 2016 holiday shopping season, Costar says Amazon added 26 warehouses to its global distribution network since Sept. 30.

Amazon’s enormous network of local warehouses got a whole lot bigger in 2016

If you like to track what’s happening with the rapid growth of Amazon’s distribution and warehousing network, this post by Costar, one of the largest commercial real estate firms in North America, is a must-read. Costar had lots of interesting analysis of Amazon’s growth and direction, but two points in particular stood out:

#1 - Total square footage of Amazon's global fulfillment warehouses, sortation and delivery centers increased 30% in 2016 year over year, compared with an increase of just under 20% in 2015, company officials said.

#2 - Amazon has ramped up its Prime Now business for delivery of items in as little as one to two hours to 40 cities across seven countries, versus 17 markets this time last year.

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