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In the aftermath of last October's historic storms, electrical contractor Newington Electric Co., Newington, Conn., a Connecticut institution for more than 50 years, decided to form Connecticut Home Generator Systems.

“During the past two storms, Newington Electric Company fielded over 4,500 phone calls and hundreds of emails from Connecticut residents who were without power,” said Ed Ingalls, owner of Newington Electric Company, in a release. “We had to call in additional help and worked around the clock, in response to the needs of our customers.”

Despite a depressed economy, Connecticut Home Generator Systems has been struggling to find qualified employees to fill 12 positions such as managerial, sales, electricians and repair technicians.

“We want to get the word out that there is opportunity here in Connecticut,” said Ingalls. “In order to turn the tide of unemployment, it takes growth, one company at a time.”

Connecticut Home Generator Systems' parent company, Newington Electric Company, has been providing expert generator installation for more than twenty years. The organization has become one of the largest Generac dealers in the state, offering 24-hour emergency service and repairs to its customers. Now, says Ingalls, Connecticut Home Generator Systems is pushing the company to the next level.

“Anyone can install a generator on a nice, sunny day, however, it's the service after the installation that counts the most,” Ingalls adds. “If your generator won't start, will your electrician be available in the middle of a storm when you need him most?”

Newington Electric has expanded into an additional 2,000 square feet of office warehouse space at its current facility to accommodate the expected growth.

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