Electri-Flex Goes Green and Donates to Habitat for Humanity

Electri-Flex Co., Roselle, Ill., is going green by installing new energy-efficient light fixtures throughout the company's offices, manufacturing and distribution facilities. These new T5 fluorescent light fixtures provide up to 50-percent energy savings compared with the previous metal-halide fixtures while offering a higher intensity appearing light. They illuminate almost instantly allowing occupancy sensors to turn the lights on only when the area is in use, boosting energy savings even further.

The replaced fixtures will be recycled throughout the Chicagoland communities through donation to the local Habitat for Humanity in Elgin, Ill. Habitat for Humanity will be receiving over 70 commercial and industrial highbay metal-halide light fixtures to use for future construction projects in building homes for those in need.

Electri-Flex's green initiative also includes a recycling program for all paper, plastic and aluminum products in the office areas on top of the recycling done by the manufacturing department with all steel, aluminum and plastic scrap. Other energy saving initiatives include turning lights and computers off at the end of the day as well as setting timers on outside lights on the weekends.

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