Encore Wire to expand aluminum manufacturing capabilities with 250,000-sq-ft addition

Encore Wire Corp., McKinney, Texas, is building a 250,000 square-foot expansion to the existing aluminum manufacturing plant. The company projects expenditures for this project, including related upgrades to Encore’s McKinney complex, will be approximately $41 million to $46 in 2014 and 2015.

“The aluminum building wire sales have exceeded our expectations, with gross sales totaling over $100 million in the last four quarters,” said Daniel Jones, president and CEO in a press release announcing the expansion. “With the demand for these products clearly exceeding our capacity, we have decided to go forward and expand the plant to accommodate increased production. This expansion will add an estimated 128 new jobs over the next couple of years.”

Click here to read more from Daniel Jones on Encore’s aluminum plant expansion.

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