Farewell to an Old Friend

David and Steve Levet of Atlantic Electrical Supply Corp., Richmond, Va., started the new year with an e-mail message bidding farewell to an old friend, “Hundred Watt,” a.k.a. the 100W incandescent lamp, and inviting customers and friends to the company's Richmond location for a memorial. The first hundred visitors to pay their last respects would receive a 100W incandescent and a 72W halogen lamp.

“It was with great sadness that we and our staff awoke this morning to read in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the passing of a friend, business partner and industry leader. For as long as we can remember his primary goal was to brighten the world. While the light he projected was, at times, clear and harsh, most often it was a soothing soft white. Like many of us he embraced new technology but sometimes felt dimmed by it. However, up until the end, he remained convinced that his way would persevere. We invite you to a join us January 4 from 9 to 4 to pay tribute to this remarkable icon. Those attending will receive free sample lamps from the past and future, while supplies last.”

An obituary for Hundred Watt included in the e-mail noted, “He leaves behind three siblings: Forty Watt, Sixty Watt and Seventy-Five Watt, all of whom suffer from terminal low lumen efficacy syndrome. Hundred Watt is also survived by his son, Seventy-Two Watt-Halogen, who bears a striking resemblance to his father but is not quite as bright. In addition, Hundred Watt is survived by a nephew, Twenty-Six Watt CFL, whom many find slow to warm up.”

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