Gotradelive Goes Live in California

Gotradelive, Palo Alto, Calif., a free commercial trading and social commerce site, announced the launch of its service in the U.S., beginning with a major push to support businesses across California. The company hopes later to expand nationwide. The company conducted beta tests in the United Kingdom. Gotradelive ( combines social networking and e-commerce technologies to make it easy for any business to connect with its customers, suppliers and partners and promote, sell and source products anywhere in the world.

Gotradelive is offering itself as a platform for businesses that need to increase inventory turnover and improve their cost of goods sold. The platform can help industries like agriculture, wine, computers and electronics, building supplies and medical supplies move product faster and more cost-effectively, the company said. Gotradelive is said to be “a fast and efficient way to promote special deals for excess, slow-moving, perishable and end-of-life products. It quickly finds interested local or international buyers within your network and stimulates purchases through competitive bidding.”

Anyone can use Gotradelive at no cost to reach and do business with as many companies as they choose. Gotradelive only charges businesses that want to customize and brand their communications and web pages.

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