Incentive travel made easy – Bob Snyder’s new venture Copyright Chris Jackson, Getty Images

Incentive travel made easy – Bob Snyder’s new venture

Bob Snyder from Equity Electrical Associates and Carol Cable is excited about a new venture he started up in the travel business to help industry execs in the electrical market gain access to reasonably priced incentive travel packages – Snyder Travel Group.

Snyder ran many incentive travel trips for distributors and their customers while a senior executive with Equity and Carol Cable and has traveled extensively around the world on his own for many years. He says incentive travel is a fun and proven way to enhance the buying relationship, grow existing business, cultivate new customers and build closer personal relationships with customers and their spouses during trips that can be affordable for companies of all sizes because a portion of the incremental sales developed by the programs will fund the trips.

“Most people like to travel, particularly to exotic locations by either a luxury cruise ship or to an all-inclusive resort,” Snyder says. “During my tenure at Carol Cable and Equity, we sponsored some terrific cruise programs to the Caribbean as well as to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico. Contractors and distributors like to win free trips. While the calendar years change, the concept and the potential results remain constant.”

He says Snyder Travel Group is affiliated with a large travel consortium and that handles all aspects of an incentive travel trip from sign-up through program execution and return. “Many of your large competitors provide these programs,” he says. “You can play in the same ‘sand box.’” For more information on Snyder Travel Group, check out this YouTube video or contact Bob at [email protected], his website, or by phone at 781-844-3408.

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