LED Lighting Conversion Saves Church Energy Courtesy of MaxLite

LED Lighting Conversion Saves Church Energy

The First Baptist Church of Bethalto, Ill., was looking to update its facility with improved lighting that provided energy savings. The 25,000-square-foot building and exterior were lit by an aging system of fluorescent and metal halide fixtures that had become prohibitively expensive to operate and labor intensive to maintain. Converting to LED was the ideal solution because of its lower energy consumption and longevity. Working with local rep agency Cool City Lights, the church replaced the lighting throughout the property with MaxLite LED lamps and fixtures.

The most dramatic transformation occurred on the exterior of the building, where many of the fixtures were no longer functional. Six 400-watt metal halide pole-top fixtures in the parking lot were replaced with QuadroMAX, MaxLite’s universal and scalable outdoor luminaire, in a 160-watt, 5000K configuration. LED wall packs were installed on all sides of the building to enhance the safety and security of parishioners.

Inside the church, the goal was to create a more inviting atmosphere while cutting energy costs.

“The crew was challenged to provide lighting that was warm and welcoming to our congregation,” said church trustee Tom Howland. “This was accomplished by Richard [Tallerico, president of Cool City Lights] working closely with our worship pastors. The end result is very good, and we are anxious to see the energy savings.”

Forty MaxLite 14-watt downlight retrofits in 5000K were used to convert the 90-watt incandescent downlights above entranceways and the stage in the gymnasium and auditorium. Twenty-six 2’x4’ fluorescent troffers in the stairwells and balcony walkway were replaced with 45-watt Direct Lit Flat Panels in 3500K and 4100K. Both the downlights and panels are dimmable, providing the church with additional energy savings and enabling members to tailor the light to preference. Fluorescent linear fixtures throughout the gymnasium and auditorium were re-lamped with MaxLite LED T8 and T5 lamps in a range of color temperatures, while six lamp-ready highbay fixtures were installed in the main reception area.

By switching to LED, the church will save approximately 55,000 kWh and $3,600 in energy costs annually, and recoup its investment in 2½ years.

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