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Mersen Joins the Sunspec Alliance

Fuse maker Mersen, Newburyport, Mass., (formerly Ferraz Shawmut), recently became a member of the SunSpec Alliance, a group dedicated to establishing information standards for renewable energy. Its mission is to “accelerate the growth of the renewable energy industry by driving data- and communications interoperability standards.” The Alliance is also working to “create a common language that renewable energy component manufacturers can use to achieve plug-and-play interoperability between the components and management systems that make up renewable energy power generation systems.”

SunSpec includes component vendors (makers of inverters, photovoltaic panels, string combiners, monitoring hardware, trackers, environmental sensors and balance-of-system components); computer software, hardware and networking companies; engineering procurement construction (EPC) firms; system integrators; financial institutions; utilities; regulatory agencies and energy consumers.

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