More than 100 Manufacturers Achieve Compliance with IDW

More than 100 Manufacturers Achieve Compliance with IDW

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The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA), in Arlington, Va., announced that more than 100 manufacturer accounts have achieved at least 95% compliance for their items in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), meeting the Oct. 1 compliance deadline within IDEA’s Data Certification Program.

An item is identified as "compliant" if its critical data fields are completely populated with product information (e.g., images, spec sheets, safety data sheets, etc.). Since the launch of the Data Certification Program in February 2015, the IDW has seen dramatic growth of over 8,000% from 16,000 compliant items to more than 1.4 million SKUs.

“We presented IDW manufacturers with an ambitious goal of achieving compliance by October 1st, and they rose to the challenge,” said Paul Molitor, president and CEO, IDEA. “Thanks to industry support and dedicated participation from these manufacturers, 1.4 million SKUs are now fully-attributed and available to distributors and contractors.”

The list of manufacturers that have achieved at least 95% compliance for their IDW items, meeting the Oct. 1 deadline is available at the IDEA’s website.

IDEA has placed its emphasis squarely on compliance for the past year and will remain a priority moving forward, the association said in a release. Efforts will also be expanded to emphasize “Excellence” via the quality of the compliant data. IDEA will only officially certify and promote compliant items that pass these quality checks from manufacturers with IDW for Manufacturer annual support contracts in place, the association said.

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