More Manufacturers Sign On with RepFiles

Several electrical manufacturers recently began delivering their sales and marketing collateral through NEMRA and NAED Editions. Manufacturers now on the RepFiles roster include Fluke, General Cable , TCP, and  WBT, while new distributors with RepFiles include Werner Electric Supply and Womack Electric Supply.

Designed specifically for manufacturers, their sales representatives and their distributors, the RepFiles system ensures users have the most up-to-date and complete package of sales and marketing tools available to them 24/7 on their mobile devices and PCs.

There is no cost for sales reps or distributors to access this collateral, which is available through plugins on the RepFiles mobile apps or through RepFiles PC. Once RepFiles users receive Plugin access, they can sync content to their device for offline use, allowing them to open files, play videos, send single or multiple files as email attachments and more. Any changes that WBT makes to the downloaded files are reflected on their users’ devices after a simple sync.

For more information on RepFiles click here.


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