Much More than Just a Cabling Tool

American ingenuity is alive and well among those on the front lines, and has the purchase orders to prove it. The company sent a note last month telling how U.S. Army and Marine troops have turned a simple device into a creative, life-saving solution. Troops ordered some heavy-duty telescoping poles (at GSA pricing) through online retailer, but it wasn't to pull wire. The heavy duty fiberglass telescoping push/pull rods, which extend to 26 feet, are being modified by U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan to create a special tool to effectively locate, dig up and disable improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The field troops tape a large steel hook with a sharp blade, crafted locally in Afghanistan, to the end of the 26-foot pole to find buried bombs, gain access to them through the dirt and rocks, and then cut the wires from a safe distance. Since this idea was developed, has sold the U.S. Army and Marines more than 100 units of the poles for direct shipment to Afghanistan.

“We're most thankful for the opportunity to assist U.S. troops in their front-line efforts in Afghanistan by making this telescoping tool affordable and readily accessible to them in the field,” said COO Paul Holstein. “We have an outstanding relationship with them and appreciate how well we've worked together to get this product in the hands of these innovative soldiers, who we wholeheartedly applaud, quickly, easily, affordably.”

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