Southwire Company Taps Into Social Media to Build Customer Connections

Southwire Co., Carrolton, Ga., recently unveiled a new blog at to reach out to distributors, electrical contractors, utilities, OEMs and other end. The blog will contain information on topics ranging from the economy and its impact on building trends to workplace safety. The company has also launched its presence on Facebook ( and Twitter ( All of this social media activity comes on the heels of the release of several Southwire mobile apps designed to help customers be more efficient and effective in their jobs, regardless of their location, in a world that is increasingly more reliant on mobile devices and mobile technology.

“Our customers are changing the ways in which they search for information and interact with suppliers, said Rhonda Gauthreaux, Southwire's director of marketing communications in a press release. “Southwire recognizes these changes, and we are moving rapidly in the digital age and adapting to them. Our blog provides us a forum where we can offer ideas and provide a point of view on a variety of vital business topics. In addition, utilizing Facebook and Twitter forums enables Southwire to engage in conversations with our customers and respond to their feedback, virtually in real time.

“Social media will never replace face-to-face interactions, but Southwire is known as an innovator and a customer service leader in its industry. We were the first wire and cable company to invest significantly in the development of mobile apps, and we will strive to be a leader in social media and thereby make it easier for our customers to communicate with us.”

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