Super Hero Joins Bridgeport Team

Bridgeport Fittings, Stratford, Conn., introduced a new line of labor-saving and problem-solving devices including connectors and couplings, and enlisted the help of a new super hero to get the word out.

The Mighty-B fittings line is represented by “Mighty-B,” a “mighty man” superhero, who stands for the innovation, speed, and maneuverability of the new Mighty-B line, the company said. Mighty-B's attributes are suggestive of Bridgeport's own product offerings: his gloves are threaded metal gauntlets, his boots are topped with locknuts and fastened with tri-drive screws, and he sports a locknut belt. With a flowing cape conveying speed and maneuverability, and the Bridgeport “B” emblazoned upon his chest, he is instantly recognizable as a special Bridgeport persona, ready to come to the aid of the contractor in the field.

“Mighty-B represents the innovative and speedy solutions we plan to offer contractors that will make their lives easier and more productive,” said Paul Suzio, Bridgeport president and COO. “Mighty-B also relates to the Bridgeport brand itself with his small, but powerful, stature and his all-American personality. Through his own web page and social media channel, we hope he will be yet another source of valuable information and support for our customers and partners.”

You can even follow Mighty-B's exploits on Twitter @CallMightyB.

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