Warshauer Electric Supply Named 5-Star Showroom By Lutron Lighting

Warshauer Electric Supply is proud to announce that its Lighting Design Center in Tinton Falls, N.J., has been named a “5-Star Showroom” by Lutron Electronics, Coopersburg, Pa. Five star-showrooms allow customers to see, touch and experience Lutron products and solutions demonstrated in a fully functional environment. Each 5-Star showroom is handpicked and certified by Lutron as one of approximately 50 elite locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Lutron representative Jeff Dean was thrilled to award Warshauer the prestigious title of “5 Star Showroom.” “This designation represents a true commitment from Warshauer Electric to go above and beyond the way in which Lutron is typically displayed,” he said. “Jim Dunn, Pam Merklinger and the entire showroom team has created a tremendous overall experience for their customers. This forward thinking, cutting edge team has set the bar high. Those visiting this showroom can expect to see Lutron, as well as many other products, displayed in a manner that truly brings them to life.”

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jim Dunn was equally as excited to receive word about the award. Dunn said in a press statement, “Our goal was to make our new showroom different, unique and completely interactive. We wanted to blend the latest technologies with one-of-a-kind fixtures, so when combined with our expert lighting design we truly offer an experience like no other showroom in the state.”

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