WattStopper Hits the Road

WattStopper, Santa Clara, Calif., is in the middle of a major educational initiative, “Making the Connection: A Digital Lighting Management (DLM) Roadshow.” Module 1 of the seminar will review and highlight building energy code requirements; discuss the industry's movement to intelligent buildings; review building electrical energy costs by load; and identify best practices and sequences of operation for ROI. Module 2 introduces digital lighting management and offers an overview of how it's designed to simplify design and installation challenges. Module 3 covers dimming and daylighting and Module 4 covers networking and intelligent buildings.

The WattStopper roadshow will visit Toronto on Nov. 10; Minneapolis on Nov. 18; Atlanta on Dec. 1-2; and Los Angeles on Dec. 14-15. Each session will last approximately four hours and be conducted by WattStopper DLM experts. The sessions are free of charge. For additional details, interested electrical professionals may visit www.wattstopper.com/DLMroadshow.

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