Werner Electric Supply Rocking the Rebates

Focus on Energy, a program to help Wisconsin-based businesses recently sent a letter to Werner Electric Supply thanking the Neenah, Wis.-based distributor for its active participation in the program.

According to the letter, signed by Todd Hanson, market provider service rep for Focus on Energy's south-central territory, Werner provided energy-efficient products for 208 projects that received financial incentives from Focus on Energy in 2009. The combined financial incentives of these 208 projects amounted to $ 667,886.16. On top of that, the energy savings associated with these projects will provide electrical savings of 7,313,288 kWh — reducing the customers' annual energy bills by $892,337 based on costs of $.08 per kWh.

The savings prevented 5,577.13 tons of coal from being burned and prevented 9,436.48 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere; equivalent to removing 1,801.41 cars from the road.

“We appreciate your leadership in working to enhance our economy and environment by expanding the market for energy-efficient products. By educating your customers about the economic and environmental savings benefits of choosing energy-efficient solutions, you are providing your community and the state of Wisconsin a valuable service,” said Hanson in the letter.

Seminars and energy audits have been the key components of customer education on this topic, says Dan Ebben, lighting product manager for Werner Electric. Werner and Focus on Energy help customers identify energy-saving opportunities. Companies then evaluate current energy use and compare it to the potential reduction if efficient systems were in place.

“By installing the new energy efficient products they (customers) are saving money long term and keeping their own backyard clean for future generations,” said Ebben.

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