Wiremonger to Wordsmith

We all know the electrical industry is full of characters with diverse talents, but even so, once in awhile we hear about something unexpected. For example, who expects a wire and cable salesman to write serious fiction?

Jim (J.P.) Cunningham, who spent 15 years selling wire and cable internationally for Southwire, then another nine selling connectors for ILSCO, popped up recently on Amazon.com with a novel, “Somerset.”

According to the publisher's promotional copy, the story follows a mother and daughter from northeastern Arkansas to civil-war-torn Peru in search of their son and brother. “Somerset is a story about a quest: a search for a particular person but then also a search for purpose. It involves a quest for redemption: with different characters struggling in their own ways to correct what each sees as a life of misplaced priorities.”

The cover copy mentions Cunningham's international sales experience in Latin America, but doesn't say whether the price of THHN plays a pivotal role in the plot. We suspect not.

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