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IDEA Partners with Avalon CSC to Offer Weights and Measures Data

June 2, 2022
IDEA Volumetrics will compile weights and dimensions product data for e-commerce freight calculations, warehouse automation and logistics.

The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA), Arlington, VA, will be working with Avalon CSC to provide weights and dimensions product data in IDEA Connector.

IDEA said in the press release, “Distributors need weights and dimensions to efficiently pick, pack and ship to customers. This can include interfacing with e-commerce software to calculate freight, automate warehousing and improve quality processes.

“Yet, the marketplace is challenged by the lack of weight and dimensional data for most products. In addition to reaching out to manufacturers to supply the data, IDEA and Avalon will work with customers to assemble and maintain weight and dimensional data for manufacturers’ product lines, including scanning products as needed.”

IDEA Volumetrics anticipates delivering data for high-velocity electrical items, with tens of thousands in phase one this year. This will enable electrical distributors to access weight and dimensional data via IDEA Connector into their ERP, WMS and e-commerce systems.

“We’re dedicated to bringing more value to product data by partnering with Avalon to collect product weights and dimensions data. Having access to this valuable data will improve real-time freight calculations for e-commerce orders, operations, handling costs and warehouse automation for the electrical industry,” said David Oldfather, president of IDEA, in the press release.

“As we’ve helped dozens of distributors and manufacturers implement automated warehouses, we’ve found that weight and dimensional data is foundational. We’re delighted to partner with IDEA to be able to collaboratively provide volumetric data via the IDEA Connector. This enables industry companies to scale their supply chain operations, while maintaining efficiency and keeping costs under control,” said Nick Lovatsis, managing partner at Avalon CSC, in the press release.

Avalon CSC helps distributors and manufacturers make strategic decisions about location and planning for distribution centers and production machinery, choosing technology and automation, managing inventory, optimizing processes and managing change in the workplace.

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