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Socomec Joins IDEA Connector to Syndicate Product Data to Distributors

Aug. 29, 2022
Socomec’s authorized distributors will be able to access the latest product content electronically through IDEA Connector.

Socomec, an electrical component manufacturer, is syndicating its product data through IDEA Connector. This provides Socomec’s authorized trading partners with accurate, timely product data and marketing content. By supplying their distributors efficient digital access to the information needed to market and sell, Socomec is creating a better customer experience, minimizing order errors and returns.

 Socomec specializes in energy performance of low-voltage electrical installations. The company has 12 manufacturing sites and a presence in more than 80 countries, including in the USA and Canada,

IDEA Connector allows Socomec’s authorized distributors to receive all available product content in a variety of formats. In addition to delivering a user-friendly interface to maintain product information, users have access to a graphical mapping tool to generate any required product and pricing extracts.

“Socomec is providing their distributors with direct digital access to high-quality product content in IDEA Connector,” said Brenda Maxwell, IDEA director of Global Product Management, in the press release. “This better equips distributors to sell products and better serve customers.”

IDEA Connector holds over 2.9 million SKUs, 250 million product attributes, and over 500 fields for digital initiatives, including technical drawings, multiple images (3D, thumbnails, etc.), warranty information, videos, IMAP pricing, certifications (UL, Prop 65, etc.), and multilingual content (Spanish, French, etc.).

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