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5 Tips That Can Increase Your Online Sales

June 20, 2023
Now available on-demand, in this 30-minute webinar you will find out why some of the largest electrical distributors in the United States use Bridgeline’s suite of Hawksearch online search tools to charge up online profits and sales.

Is your eCommerce struggling to keep up with the retail giants of the world? Do you wish you could replicate the seamless search experience from big tech sites? It's crucial for a site to deliver results – the right content, the right product, or the right information quickly and accurately. If you don’t deliver, you can say goodbye to a customer quick as a flash. Fortunately, you don’t need a massive team of IT wizards to pull this off!

Join HawkSearch in this webinar to learn how your conversions, sales and average order values can grow with some proven solutions. In this informative presentation, you’ll be guided through conversion strategies by HawkSearch’s Senior Solutions Engineer Jonathan Meyer. With over a decade of experience crafting on-site search solutions, Jonathan will break down these strategies and give real world examples of where and how they’re used. Jonathan did a webinar on this topic for Electrical Wholesaling last year, and EW’s editors were impressed with his mastery of search engine optimization and Bridgeline’s experience working with electrical distributors, including Kirby-Risk Electrical Supply and State Electrical Supply.

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This event was originally held on June 7, 2023 and is now available for on demand viewing. Sponsor: HawkSearch by Bridgeline