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FCI-Burndy Launches Merchandising Program

FCI Burndy recently launched a new merchandising program. Space-efficient racking systems and user-friendly product packaging provide distributors and end-users with the critical information they need in the quickest, most understandable terms.

“By providing critical installation information directly on the packaging, such as torque requirements, cable dimensions, and appropriate application tooling, our merchandising plan significantly frees up the counter staff's time,” said Ed Henkes, FCI-Burndy CM&R market manager. “This allows them to increase net sales by focusing on ‘value added’ sales, and suggesting new products and applications.”

FCI-Burndy's new “card” packaging doubles the amount of product displayed as compared to previous “bin” merchandising. The in-store racks can be easily customized to adapt to specific showroom requirements.

The first phase of FCI-Burndy's new merchandising program will include the Unirap cable tie line, the new insulated hand tools and the carded mechanical grounding line. The Unitap multiple tap connectors will soon follow.

All new packaging will include UPC bar coding to ensure efficient inventory control and speed of transaction, standard and metric measurement guides, and English, Spanish and French translation, meeting NAFTA guidelines.

For additional information, contact FCI customer service at (800) 346-4175 or visit the Web site at

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