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NLB Offers Illumination to Coronavirus Remote Testing Sites

March 31, 2020
NLB members are offering free LED lighting to official portable sites to support the fight against COVID-19.

The National Lighting Bureau (NLB), through its membership, is offering free LED lights for the remote sites being set up across the country to test for the coronavirus. NLB members have lightweight, long-lasting and energy-efficient LED fixtures in stock and ready to ship to support this important cause.

Ray Kasmark, NLB chairman, said in the release, “We believe that quality lighting inside of the tents will increase throughput while improving the safety and comfort during the testing process.”

“Most of my annual training over 20 years was in the field and we would set up portable combat support hospitals,” added Executive Director Randy Reid, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. “Results in tents that had lighting usually were better than in the non-lighted tents. Even in the daytime, having more usable light made a difference.”

 The NLB is offering lights free of charge to official portable sites that are conducting coronavirus testing.  To request a product, officials can visit or contact [email protected] with locations and tent dimensions (length, width and height of tent). Requests will be evaluated, and quantities are limited.

The Bureau provides its services to the public free of charge, thanks to the generous funding of the organization’s sponsors, which include individuals, professional societies, trade associations, labor unions, manufacturers and agencies of the U.S. government.