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Siemens Contributes PPE to Atlanta Hospitals to Fight COVID-19

April 6, 2020
In a partnership with Georgia Tech University and local manufacturers, Siemens plans to manufacture 25,000 face shields a week.

Siemens recently announced it has partnered with Georgia Tech University and local manufacturers EIS-Fabrico and Underwood Mold Company to produce 25,000 new face shields per week to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak. The face shields will be donated to the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, which supplies the products to hospitals across the state in need. 

According to the story on Siemens' website, it wanted to leverage its local manufacturing network to help mass produce the face masks, which was originally a project designed by students and faculty at Georgia Tech. 

To learn more about this partnership and what Siemens is doing to battle the growing coronavirus pandemic, read the original story

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