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Emerson Helps Transform Center into COVID-19 Emergency Care Facility

May 4, 2020
Emerson provided cable for the Westchester County Center, which was designated as a temporary acute care center to help care for New Yorkers amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, the Federal Emergency Management Agency issued a $350-million Mission Assignment to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to construct four alternate care facilities in the state of New York, where the number of those infected continues to skyrocket. One of those projects includes the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY, which dates back to 1930 and has hosted a range of events, including New Kids on the Block to Dancing with the Stars.

The Army Corps of Engineers allotted 21 days to complete the Westerchester County Center project, which was to be transformed into an alternate care facility providing acute car. On top of that, there was construction of four MASH-style tents in the arena's parking lot. Ruggedly built of aluminum instead of standard canvas, the four tents now house half of the total 110 hospital beds at the site. 

In need of pipe protection, the projects general contractor Haugland Energy Group LLEC reached out to AEF Sales, a local sales rep of Emerson's Nelson heat tracing cables and accessories. In order to help the project get up and running, Emerson's sales representatives worked to remove all barriers to meet the quantity order expeditiously. 

Pietro Fasolino, president of AEF Sales, stepped up to the challenge, as well. Rather than wait for delivery, he drove a dedicated truck more than 100 miles to Emerson's manufacturing warehouse facility in East Granby, CT, to pick up the materials Sunday night and ensure onsite delivery at 5:30 a.m. Monday. As a result of the efforts by AEF and Emerson, the water lines at the care facility site were fully protected from the elements by the time service was turned on. 

“Behind the scenes, Emerson’s team worked alongside us to rapidly get the right heat trace cables into the hands of Haugland Energy Group contractors who were on the frontlines of this project,” said Fasolino in the release. “Emerson cut lead times from weeks to days, or even hours, ensuring the quick mobilization of the alternate care facility in an emergency situation.”

“Emerson is proud to have worked closely with AEF and Haugland Energy Group as they raced to complete the Westchester project and mitigate the impact of COVID-19,” added Kelly Pierce, sales channel manager for Nelson at Emerson. “Emerson’s regional sourcing and manufacturing strategies helped us to identify the fastest path to move Nelson cables from the initial order to on-site delivery.”

The Westchester County Center project is a part of Emerson’s efforts to combat COVID-19 by supporting critical infrastructure and by helping federal, state and local governments address urgent healthcare needs. In most communities throughout the world, Emerson has been designated an “essential business” for critical industrial and municipal infrastructure, including production facilities for power, water and wastewater, energy, pharmaceuticals, refining, medical supplies and more. This designation ensures Emerson can respond quickly with the products and services required for safe, productive operations.

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