The Electrical Marketer's Survival Guide.

Do you need a basic understanding of how a product gets to market in today's electrical wholesaling industry and an update on the key players and market trends now reshaping the business?

Your search has ended.

Written by Jim Lucy, Electrical Wholesaling's chief editor, An Electrical Marketer's Survival Guide is the first book published specifically for electrical distributors, independent manufacturers' reps, electrical manufacturers, business consultants and anyone else selling a product or service in the electrical. market that teaches readers about what makes the $70-plus billion electrical market tick.

It's a one-stop resource written for new employees at electrical companies who need a basic understanding of electrical market basics, industry veterans who want to brush up on these basics, and companies that invest heavily in in-house training for employees and need a comprehensive primer on today's electrical wholesaling industry to use as a text for training classes, or just as a source of ideas for more informal employee training meetings. Here are the five most important lessons you will learn in An Electrical Marketer's Survival Guide:

The basic roles of the electrical distributor, independent manufacturer's rep and electrical manufacturer in the electrical market and how they are changing;

How electrical distributors can compete with powerful alternate channels like Home Depot, W.W. Grainger and the Internet-based competitors of the future;

Why the consolidation of the electrical industry is slowly changing the face of the business-and how offering the right package of value-added services can help the survivors ensure their companies live on and remain vital players;

How to identify key product sales opportunities with customers-and what those customers expect of electrical distributors now and in the future;

How electronic commerce, integrated supply, new warehousing and delivery strategies, merchandising and succession planning are changing the electrical industry.

Get a grip on today's electrical wholesaling industry by calling 800-543-7771 to order a copy of An Electrical Marketer's Survival Guide for only $29.99.

For companies that want to use the book as a text for training classes, a four-module PowerPoint presentation that highlights the book's key ideas is available for $250.

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