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DISC Upgrades MarketTrack Database with NAICS Code Structure

Nov. 15, 2017
Utilizing the NAICS industry code structure will allow users of DISC's MarketTrack data to more accurately identify opportunities for growth and increased market penetration at the metro, county, zip code and state level.

DISC Corp., Orange, CT, recently introduced a new version of its MarketTrack database. The new platform features new industry definitions based on the NAICS industry structure, replacing the SIC code industry definition. The new platform allows users to more accurately identify opportunities for growth and increased market penetration. In addition, the new MarketTrack database will add a new geographic dimension by including 150 metropolitan areas that will encompass the states, counties and zip codes where these industries are located.
The new MarketTrack database will include more than 1,000 industries that are tracked, forecasted and updated twice a year. The database contains four years of history and a four-year forecast. This information contains the dollar spend by these industries from electrical distributors, including industry employment and number of plant locations as well as dollar per employee multipliers. For more information contact Herm Isenstein, DISC’s president at [email protected] / 203-799-3673. Webcast demonstrations are available.