Q3 2019 Construction Projects

Nov. 15, 2019
Check out some of the biggest construction projects of 3Q 2019.

Every year, Electrical Wholesaling publishes its annual Market Planning Guide to help readers navigate their companies through upcoming market trends. One of the sectors we look at is construction activity trends, and we turn to Dodge Data & Analytics' annual construction reports for insight. In 2020, it expects construction starts to decline -4%, but Dodge Data & Analytics reaffirmed in their press release that "economic growth is slowing but is not anticipated to contract next year. Construction starts, therefore, will decline but the level of activity will remain close to recent highs."

Despite slower growth than past years, a plethora of major construction projects across the country are either underway or in the planning process. In this gallery, we highlight some of the largest and most ambitious construction projects currently underway, in a variety of sectors and valued at as much as $7 billion.