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Top 200 - The 25 Electrical Distributors with the Highest Sales-Per-Employee

May 26, 2015
In Electrical Wholesaling's 2015 Top 200 Listing, the average sales-per-employee edged down slightly. Here are the 25 distributors who led the electrical market in sales-per-employee.
As in the past, specialty distributors, which tend to have fewer customers and employees than full-line electrical distributors, dominate Electrical Wholesaling’s 2015 Top 200 list of distributors as ranked by sales per employee. The companies here were among those respondents that provided both a 2014 sales number and an employee count for publication in this year's listing. Several other distributors (both full-line and specialists) would have been in this listing but asked their sales data be used confidentially.

The average sales-per-employee for the 136 respondents (specialists and full-line distributors) that provided both 2014 sales and employee data was $793,725. The average sales per employee for the 113 respondents that identified themselves as full-line electrical distributors was approximately $651,317 down from last year's figure for full-line distributors of $668,515. Several respondents who requested that their sales data be kept confidential were not included in this ranking, but their data was used to calculate the average sales-per-employee figure.