Activant Offers Real-time Delivery Verification on Mobile Phones

Activant Solutions Inc., Yardley, Pa., recently launched a proof of delivery (POD) application for its Eclipse, Prophet 21 and Prelude platforms. Created for the iOS (for Apple mobile devices) and Google Android operating systems to take advantage of available development tools, multiple devices and multiple carriers, this POD application has been enhanced with special features to assist distributors in confirming and coordinating deliveries. In the future, Activant intends to extend the module to other operating systems such as Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

On the Activant Eclipse, Prophet 21 and Prelude ERP platforms, the Activant Proof of Delivery module now supports order delivery, quantity adjustment at delivery and return material authorization (RMA) pickup. New features of the Eclipse and Prophet 21 platform include the ability to view location maps, access driving instructions, click on hyperlinked contact numbers, and take photos and attach them to the order in lieu of (or in addition to) the signature as proof of delivery.

In a press release announcing the new app, Kevin Roach, executive vice president and general manager of Activant's Wholesale Distribution Division, said, “Activant Proof of Delivery is our latest addition to the Activant Distribution Suite (ADS). ADS applications are compatible with of Activant's ‘go-forward’ distribution ERP platforms. This strategy allows customers to justify new modules on the basis of the incremental ROI they deliver, rather than simply keeping up with underlying platform technology shifts. It's also a great example of the highly mobile and collaborative application strategy that we think will define ERP platform evolution for the foreseeable future.”

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