Graybar Backs Epicor Vista Information Services

Distribution enterprise software giant Epicor Software Corp., Livermore, Calif., announced that Graybar Electric, St. Louis, has given its endorsement to the Epicor Vista Information Services solution for the electrical distribution industry.

Graybar, with its more than 240 locations in North America, will join more than 100 other electrical distributors in feeding out-the-door sales information to the industry-sanctioned Vista data warehouse. Established through a marketing partnership between Epicor and the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), the Vista solution produces fact-based category sales reports that help promote channel efficiencies and improve the flow of information throughout the electrical supply chain.

“Graybar is committed to the security of our business information. At the same time, we recognize the value of collaborating with our peers to strengthen our entire industry,” said Bob Reynolds, chairman, president and CEO of Graybar. “Working with Epicor, we can protect the confidentiality of our data while leveraging the collective intelligence that can improve our industry as a whole.”

Epicor Vista Information Services provides sales tracking, brand and category share, and other information. In addition to the electrical supply industry, it offers this service in the independent hardware, lumber, home center, mass merchandiser, automotive aftermarket and specialty retail industries.

“By relying on Vista market intelligence, distributors and other businesses are eliminating the guesswork that often results in excess stock sitting on the shelf or in sales lost due to a lack of inventory,” said Rick Stanits, national sales manager, Vista Information Services for Epicor. “This is, above all, a business growth tool for the entire electrical distribution industry.”

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