IDEA Launches Data Management Platform

Electrical industry data association IDEA, Richmond, Va., announced the launch of its new data management platform (DMP). The DMP integrates seamlessly with IDEA's flagship product, the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), and was built to increase efficiencies for manufacturers and distributors. It enables manufacturers to aggregate, synchronize and communicate product information with distributors, retailers and other trading partners through one application. With the DMP, manufacturers can comply with electrical wholesale standards defined within the IDW, global standards defined by the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), and any other mandates that may be required by a trading partner.

“It is crucial that companies adapt to change and understand that the cutting edge, next generation of data synchronization is all around us. Creating one source of your product information, automating it through a certified data management platform, validating it and synchronizing it to multiple channels at one time — now that's a game changer,” said Samer Shehadeh, EDI manager, Cooper Industries, in an IDEA release announcing the DMP.

Distributors can use the DMP to manage and validate product information they receive from various sources, such as the IDW and direct from manufacturers, in one location before importing it into their business system and packaging it for end users via print and online media. The DMP enables distributors to be more specific with their product data requests, which can help manufacturers prioritize their product data sourcing efforts, IDEA said.

The launch comes after a DMP Pilot Program, which included participants from distributors Border States Industries and Crescent Electric Supply, and manufacturers Cooper Industries, Leviton, Lutron, and Osram Sylvania. Milbank Manufacturing was the first manufacturer to use the DMP in production. These companies helped test the new software, and provide suggestions for improvement on behalf of the industry.

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